How to tell if Van Life is meant for You

Have you ever thought of how cool it would be to get into a self-contained van and just travel the land? That is the sentiment many people have about Recreational vehicles or RV life. Some people have vans as a way to get away from everything, others to save money, while others just want to travel and see their country on a budget. Whatever your reasons are, here are some of the questions you should ask yourself to know if van life is meant for you;


Do you have an income?

The significant misconception people have about living in a van is that you don’t need a lot of money to survive. Sure you may not be paying a mortgage and all the expenses that come with maintaining a house but staying in a recreational vehicle is still very costly. You need money for food, fuel, RV parks, telephone, mail forwarding, and van maintenance. You also need an internet connection if you are going to freelance on the road. Having a source of income while you travel is very crucial, so you don’t suffer. Some people have rental or investment income that comes into their accounts monthly while others start online businesses that keep them busy every day. You can use to compare several internet companies and save some money.

Can you handle unpredictability?

Most people are used to structure and knowing exactly what will happen next. The exciting thing about van life is the fact that you may not know where you are going to spend the night that day. On the downside, however, terrible things can happen when you are on the move. The van can break down, or your sewer system can fill up. If you are not comfortable dealing with such scary stuff, you should not get into RV living. You have to be ready for anything at any time including terrible weather and people who are trying to jerk you.

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Do you love the outdoors?

Most people enjoy the sun and going to see beautiful sceneries now and then. However, living in a van is entirely different because you will be spending every day and night in the outdoors. You should test yourself by going camping for a week and if you love it then living in a van won’t be so bad. If you are scared of strange sounds, strong wind, dirt and darkness, the outdoors are not for you. Remember that the outdoors, in this case, do not mean a swimming pool, a cool breeze, and mojitos.

Can you live without homes little comforts?

There is a certain comfort that comes with living at home. Fortunately, you can still have most of the things you enjoy at home like the internet, TV, and telephone. If you can’t survive without your huge closet, kitchen appliances, and a bathtub, you might want to reconsider RV living. Van life requires that you sacrifice space, leisure and most of the things you love. Since there is no space in the van for your luxuries, you have to only carry a handful of clothes and leave all the things you love. You will also not have the luxury of unlimited power and water so you have to be very careful how you spend these rare commodities.

Are you self-reliant?

As stated earlier, RV living comes with unpredictable situations. Apart from having an income, you need to fix things in the van if it breaks down. You need to get used to thinking through stuff instead of asking for help from the people around you. You will be alone most of the time, so being handy is vital and also the ability to just be by yourself. Self-reliance means that you can handle and solve most of the issues that come your way. While it’s true that you will be among people sometimes, you have to remember they are strangers and may not have what it takes to help you.

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Do you have pets?

This is a no-brainer for people who are not pet lovers. However, there are some people who cannot live without their furry friends and they carry them everywhere. If you are that attached to your pets or your family for that matter, you cannot fit into van life. Having a pet will only make an already difficult situation harder and there are places where they don’t allow pets so you can’t pack there. If detaching from your family is also an issue, you will be homesick in a few days and the rest of the trip will be pure misery.

Most people can make it work if you throw them in the desert and leave. However, living in a van should not be about survival but loving and enjoying every moment of it. Some people are made for the wilderness and the unpredictable life and some are not. It’s essential therefore to know if you can thrive in that situation and prepare yourself ahead of time.

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