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There have been countless astonishing technological advances made within the last few years. Perhaps the industry that has benefitted from this the most has been the auto industry as there are now all kinds of incredible features and pieces of technology that have forever changed the way in which we drive. This will only continue in the near future as we edge towards driverless vehicles and perhaps even as far as flying cars in the far future. Here is a look at some of the exciting new developments that have been made.

New Developments

These new developments can make driving much easier and safer through various autonomous features like automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist and drowsy motorist detection. Many of these features are constantly working and scanning the environment around them for potential dangers. If there is a danger that the driver does not notice, the vehicle can then alert the operator and even take over control of the car to eliminate the danger.

This is all part of a gradual progression towards self-driving cars, which certainly look to be the future of driving with many advances being made and it is a topic that is constantly in the news. There are still many hurdles to overcome such as ethical decisions and developing a suitable infrastructure, but driverless motoring will be here in the not too distant future and will have a huge impact on modern life.

Evolution Towards Driverless Cars

These incredible vehicles are pushing the boundaries of technology and are amongst the most advanced creations to date. Currently, autonomous driving requires driver input with a few features that the vehicle is able to do itself and this has already been revolutionary, but the work does not stop here. The ultimate goal is to have completely driverless automobiles where there is no need for an operator and the individual will simply become a passenger that inputs where they need to go.

This will enable the passenger to undertake a range of other activities during their trip, such as sleep, have a meeting or use their laptop. On top of this, it will also allow those that do not or are unable to drive to be able to get from A to B much easier and without having to rely on somebody for a lift or opting for public transport. This will be warmly welcomed by the disabled community where transportation is a major obstacle with the public transportation system not to the required standard.

In addition to having personal vehicles that are capable of driving themselves, this technology will be incorporated into ride-sharing services like Uber which will have a huge impact on the way in which people get around. Not only this, but the impressive autonomous technology is likely to be used in shipping and freight where shipments can be made without a driver which will lower the cost for businesses. This is all part of the evolution and goes to show how this technology will shape many areas of life in the future.

Building the Technology

It has taken many years to develop this impressive technology and to build these vehicles. There has been a lot of trial and error with autonomous driving and it has required the most skilled engineers and scientists to develop these cars, as well as brilliant manufacturers with the use of high-quality tools from places like RS. The technology is comparable to the robots and other artificial intelligence which also seems to be progressing at a rapid rate and looks set to be a big part of modern life.

How the Technology Works

Essentially, the amazing technology uses a combination of sensors and software to control and navigate the automobile. The technologies made by different companies will vary, but the majority use sensors like a radar to create and constantly update an internal map of their surroundings. The software is then used to process this map and send instructions to the actuators which are capable of controlling acceleration, braking, and steering. There are then various complex rules and algorithms which will allow an autonomous vehicle to follow traffic rules, navigate obstacles and make intelligent driving decisions.

The Future

At this rate, it is easy to see driverless cars and robots becoming a huge part of modern life and the future generations will continue to push the boundaries of technology and what is achievable. There is already work being carried out on developing autonomous, electrical flying vehicles which can be summoned with NASA being just one stakeholder involved. It will be fascinating to see what the future holds for transportation as there have already been so many astonishing advances within just the last few years and many more on the horizon that could forever change our approach to motoring and make it much easier, safer and efficient to get around.

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