International Virtual Phone Numbers You Can Use With ZoiPer

Have you heard of softphones? If you’re not familiar with it, ZoiPer is a new softphone that many businesses and individuals are turning to for their communication needs. In layman’s terms, this means that ZoiPer is an app that can help you reach people through the Internet, very much in the same way Skype does but there are a few key differences. 

The advantage of using ZoiPer is that there are no proprietary restrictions on using the service — this means that your business and personal communications aren’t limited to the softphone’s service restrictions and pricing, which tends to be higher than what’s available from a multitude of VoIP service providers, like United World Telecom (

Modern businesses are using ZoiPer with virtual phone number service providers to reach international markets and also to save on overheads that would otherwise be spent on setting up a physical presence in new countries. In this article, we’ll take a look at international virtual phone numbers that you can use with ZoiPer. 

First, What are Virtual Phone Numbers?

Virtual phone numbers are VoIP (“Voice over Internet Protocol”) phone numbers that route calls to any phone number instantly, thanks to advancements in broadband Internet and cloud computing. Virtual phone numbers function just like other “normal” phone numbers, and they resemble the same country codes and area codes that customers may be familiar with. For instance, if you wanted a virtual phone number in Miami, but your business is based in Cuba, you can use virtual phone numbers to give your business the appearance of being based in Miami. 

International virtual telephone numbers, which are powered by VoIP and cloud computing, can work in conjunction with your ZoiPer app to tap into any location in the world. 

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How Virtual Phone Numbers Work with ZoiPer

Now that you understand the basics of virtual phone numbers, you should know that ZoiPer doesn’t come with phone numbers. At first glance, this may seem like a disadvantage for callers, but you should reconsider that other softphones charge an arm-and-a-leg for making calls for recipients that don’t use the same softphone service. Worse, they don’t come with affordable add-ons that can make international calling more seamless. 

So, by signing up with ZoiPer and then a virtual numbers service provider, you can get international phone numbers on your own terms — not according to what the service provider deems you should get. 

Using International Virtual Phone Numbers

There are a number of international phone number options when it comes to virtual phone numbers. Let’s look at a few examples:

Local Access Numbers: Local access numbers can give your business the look of phone numbers in nearly any country around the world. This helps with your company’s localization efforts, where you’re trying to gain authenticity and trust in a new market by meeting customers with phone numbers they’re familiar with. For instance, if you wanted a phone number in Dubai, you can use virtual phone numbers to gain access to Dubai, which can be ported to your ZoiPer app. 

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Vanity Numbers: Visual appeal is important for your business’ marketing efforts, whether you plan on using newspaper ads, internet-based ads, or billboards. Therefore, having a virtual phone number that appeals to an international audience with a pleasing set of digits can be a way of garnering new business with ZoiPer. 

ITFS Numbers: Short for “International Toll-Free Service numbers,” ITFS numbers allow your ZoiPer app to allow customers to contact your business toll-free, even if you’re located in another part of the world. Without ITFS numbers, customers may dial your domestic toll-free numbers, only to be blocked by their service provider or they may be charged long-distance fees — which defeats the purpose of offering toll-free numbers in the first place. By using ITFS numbers, you open up lines of communication in international markets with your ZoiPer app that wouldn’t be available ordinarily. Customers appreciate this and are more likely to reach your business, as they not only consider it a free option, but also a professional entity worthy of their hard-earned cash.


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