Top 5 Android Wear Library In 2018

If you’re planning to make your own Wear app then i can give you list of some great Android Wear library which you can use in 2018.

Welcome to 2018. Happy New Year To All Of You.

Android Wear is a version of Google’s Android operating system designed for smartwatches and other wearables.By pairing with mobile phones running Android version 4.3 or newer, or iOS version 8.2 or newer with limited support from Google’s pairing application, Android Wear integrates Google Assistant technology and mobile notifications into a smartwatch form factor. It also adds the ability to download applications from the Google Play Store.

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Top 5 Android Wear Library In 2018
Top 5 Android Wear Library In 2018

Android Wear smartwatches let you track your fitness, glance at alerts & messages, and ask Google for help – right on your wrist.

List of Top 5 Android Wear Library In 2018

Teleport – Data Sync & Messaging Library for Android Wear

TMH rating : 3.8/5

Teleport is a library to easily setup and manage Data Syncronization and Messaging on Android Wearables.


The library is thought for Android Studio.

You can see Teleport as an Android Wear “plugin” you can add to your Activities and Services.



Teleport provides you commodity classes to easily establish a communication between a mobile handheld device and an Android Wear device.

  • TeleportClient provides you “endpoints” you can put inside your Activities, both in Mobile and Wear.
  • TeleportService is a full-fledged, already set-up ‘WearableListenerService’.

Both these classes incapsulates all the GoogleApiClient setup required to establish a connection between Mobile and Wear.

TeleportClient and TeleportService also provide you two AsyncTask you can extend to easily perform operations with the synced DataItems and received Messages:

  • OnSyncDataItemTask provides you a complete DataMap of synced data
  • OnGetMessageTask provides you access to a received Message path in form of String.

You just need to extend these tasks inside your Activity/Service and you’re good to go!

To Sync Data and send Messages, you can use commodity methods like

  • sync<ItemType>(String key, <ItemType> item) to Sync Data across devices
  • sendMessage(String path, byte[] payload) to send a Message to another device.


TMH rating : 3.1/5

WearMenu is an Android Wear Menu implementation.

Amazing Side Menu Animation Android Library

alt poster

  • Adding circle animation from touch position
  • Enabling fill list from xml layout
  • Adding preview for tools: package
  • Adding custom colors for each list element

BusWear – EventBus for Android Wear

TMH rating : 2.9/5

BusWear (?⌚️) is a simple library for EventBus to support Android Wear devices. Just adding one line of code lets you get synchronized event buses on Wear and mobile platform.


A great multi-purpose tool for Android apps, way of triggering some events in separate Activity, Fragment, Service etc. EventBus, origin of that project or Otto.


TMH rating : 2.7/5

DaVinci is an image downloading and caching library for Android Wear.

Comparison of All Android Image Loading Library

Alt DaVinciDroid

  • Customize bitmap resizing (actually : width=300px)
  • Enabling multiples transformations
  • Apply transformations on Smartphone then send them to Wear


TMH rating : 1.0/5

An open source camera for google glass. This is a an alternative to the default camera on Glass. CuXtom Cam provides you the default behaviour along with some special feature..



Special Features

  • Use Swipe FORWARD and BACKWARD Gestures to perform Zoom In and Zoom out.
  • During preview you can use TAP Gesture or Camera Button to take photo and end video recording.
  • Take pictures, Record videos and save them in your own folder on Glass.
  • There is no default 10 seconds video duration. Video can be recorded as long as the user wants. if user doesn’t specify then default video recording length is 1 hour.



Android Wear is a great technology in Android field and above we discuss some of Android Wear library with TMH ratings.

Android Wear Library Ratings
Android Wear Library Ratings

Note: Orange bar is TMH rating and Green bar is last commit activity on that library. Hope you enjoy this article and list is not ended here. If you have any library known on Android wear then share with us to enlist in this post.

Share with your friends and enjoy coding.


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