Android Oreo Vs iOS 11

Today we’ll see comparison between Android Oreo Vs iOS 11. Google Android and Apple iOS are big market in mobile industry and truly competitor. Recently Google announce and release their new Mobile OS named Android Oreo and less than a month later Apple unveiled iOS 11. But how do the two operating systems compare? And how can Apple learn from Google, and vice versa?
Some of the key new additions to Android O, along with features that Apple should implement into iOS 11 to compete. We had discuss some problem with Android Oreo in previous article.

Let’s see who win the battle between Android Oreo Vs iOS 11 :


The major update of Android Oreo is the inclusion of picture in picture feature; this picture will allow people to run some apps in the corner of a screen.
This feature will allow the people to watch the YouTube videos at the small corner of the screen while you are allowed to use the other apps. This is the perfect option for the mobiles that have significant RAM but will greater for the people that want to enjoy YouTube background music while using other apps.

Picture in Picture mode : Android Oreo Vs iOS 11
Picture in Picture mode : Android Oreo Vs iOS 11

But it was introduced for iPad users along with iOS 9, allowing users to minimise the video and perform other tasks while still being able to watch. You can slide the video around for the best placement or swipe it off-screen to end the video. Picture-in-Picture in iOS look better than Android Oreo.



Winner : For this features iOS 11 look ahead than Android Oreo and got one point for this.

Notification Dots

Notification badges had access by many of Android launcher but Google has never officially offered it until Android Oreo. Much like with app badges on iOS, you’ll see a small ‘dot’ that appears on top of your app icon when you receive a notification on Android O.

Notification dots Android Oreo Vs iOS 11
Notification dots Android Oreo Vs iOS 11

This includes the ability to view the notification without opening the app via a small on-screen pop-up that looks like the 3D Touch shortcut menu on iOS, but more notification-based.

Winner : For this feature both iOS 11 and Android 8 got equal point.

Smart Text Selection

Google has integrated the smart text selection that works on the mechanism of artificial intelligence and helps the people to easily cut and paste items.


Smart selection text : Android Oreo Vs iOS 11
Smart selection text : Android Oreo Vs iOS 11

More recent iterations of Android and iOS have introduced formatting to applicable text, but not much else. That was until Google announced Smart Text Selection, which uses Google’s AI to intelligently analyse what is being selected, and provides you with contextual shortcuts.

Winner : Android 8 got one more point for nice and neat UI with this feature.


One such addition in Android 8 is Auto-Fill. It’s not going to bring iOS users over to the dark side, but it should make Android users lives a little bit easier.

Users can save time filling out forms by using autofill in their devices. Android makes filling forms, such as account and credit card forms, easier with the introduction of the Autofill Framework. The Autofill Framework manages the communication between the app and an autofill service.



Winner : Android 8 got lead with one more point for this.

Protect Scanner

Android Oreo helps to improve the performance and security of your Android device. It includes Google Play Protect, which acts similarly to a virus scanner for Android apps and scans your apps for malicious content.

It will span more than 50 billion apps every day and remove those apps that are harmful to the people, this is the reason Google has best artificial intelligence.
But iOS 11 has not any virus scanner internally which snitch one more point from them.

Winner : Android 8 has one more point for this cool feature.


Both Android Oreo and iOS 11 are getting new emojis because emojis are the future of humanity. And Google completely redesigned their take on emojis for Android Oreo. Gone are the blobs and traditional, round emojis have returned.

iOS emojis (top) Android Oreo emojis (bottom)
iOS emojis (top) Android Oreo emojis (bottom)

Google’s new emojis follow Apple’s move to increase the detail found on the little faces. Yet according to a preview by Apple’s Tim Cook, iOS is about to get emojis that are even more detailed.

Winner : iOS 11 come back and got one quality point for them.

Final Verdict

Android O offers decent improvements to the Android experience, but iOS 11 is a powerful counterattack. We still think Apple has much to learn from the features added to Android in recent years, but iOS looks to have taken the lead in laptop-replacement multitasking features on iPad.

Android 8(4 points) won battle with iOS 11(3 points). What you think about this please tell us in comment.


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