Wherever you go, whatever you do, you can leave all behind but your smartphone. Your smartphone is always with you. You cannot survive without it, the situation has become hopeless. From movies to GPS trackers, from social media to playing games – no one, absolutely no one can live without a smartphone once you have been introduced to it.

Before they developed an independent capacity for thought and take over the world, they are still subject to our whims and desires. So when it comes to buying the most important thing in your life, you should be wary of various things.

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Inspired by this guide for accessories we’ve put together 8 quick tips for buying a smartphone;

I know what you are thinking right now, you have read dozens of articles with tips for buying smartphones. Even so, many people ignore the simplest of tips. The following tips, however, are important as they are a result of a very well-conducted survey.

iOS is fast and easy, Android gives you options at a good price:

iOS faster than Android : Credit : Time Magazine
iOS faster than Android : Credit: Time Magazine

The first conundrum to buying a smartphone is the choice between iOS and Android. If you are not short on money and want a speedy phone, get an iPhone. But if you are a gamer, a customizer, someone who dig deeps and likes a customized experience, buy Android, also it is much cheaper. Personally, I am a big fan of Android.

Do not be swayed away by pricing, always be in your budget: 

Smartphones start from $50 to well over a thousand dollars. If you start looking for features and fall into the “oh-this-ones-got-so-many-features” pit, there is no coming out. Always buy a phone that suits your budget. Do not go for branding and anything else. You can find phones with great specs in any price bracket.

Screen size is more important than you think:

Smartphone Screen size
Smartphone screen size : Credit : Lukew Ideation

If you watch a lot of movies and videos, play games, and make use of the Android Nougat’s multi-window mode, then buy a bigger screen-sized phone. You will get used to the inconvenient size quickly but you will never get used to not seeing the video properly.

Color quality and brightness are more important than resolution:

Smartphone resolution chart : Credit : PromInc Productions
Smartphone resolution chart : Credit : PromInc Productions

Many people are obsessed with screen resolution. Frankly, it is overrated. When selecting a smartphone, notice how nice the color blending and how bright the display is – nothing else really matters.

Camera megapixels are useless:

Smartphone camera pixel size : Credit : VZTechReviews
Smartphone camera pixel size : Credit : VZTechReviews

Pay attention to the overall camera specs. The most important ones are aperture (lower numbers are better) and the lens quality. Pay no attention to megapixels they really don’t matter.

Almost every smartphone has a decent processer:

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The truth is processor doesn’t mean as much as it used to. The RAM and phone storage are much more important features to look at.

Buy smartphones with battery capacity of more than 3,000 mAH:

Smartphone battery life : Credit : Tech Daily
Smartphone battery life: Credit: Tech Daily

At the time of purchase, you may not think how long its battery is going to last, but battery to me is the most important feature. A smartphone without a good battery is practically useless. So always buy smartphones with good battery capacity.

At least 32GB of storage:

Smartphone storage capacity : Credit : Nerd's Magazine
Smartphone storage capacity : Credit : Nerd’s Magazine

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These days we use our smartphones for so many things that no memory limit is enough. Still, you should draw the line at 32GB. If the phone’s internal storage is a little less and you have your heart set on it, make sure you get a memory card.


Hope you enjoy this article!!!

By Nuur Hasan

Nuur Hasan is a software developer, web developer and a technical writer with more than seven years of experience. He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes to blog. His other interests include politics and sports. 

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