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If you want to boost up your business level and want to grow your business then WordPress based sites are an excellent form. It allows the cheap way to communicate with your target audience. To make the communication convenient WordPress PDF filling forms is a good solution. You can use the plugins to get the forms. You can create by using the WordPress PDF filling forms. The method is very simple. Use the following steps to complete the procedure for pdf filling forms


First, Install The Appropriate WordPress Plugin

The first step is to install the appropriate plugin. You have to navigate the admin dashboard. Here click plugin and then install new. After that find the particular plugin in the search bar. It will appear on your screen. Now click on it and hit n install option. Once you install, open the plugin and click on activate to start using the plugin for creating a pdf form.

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Now Choose The Template

The second step to create the form for your WordPress in pdf form is a selection of the right template. Open the dashboard and open the template option. Here you have to click on add form. You will get several options for selecting the template according to your requirements. You can create the form from scratch by using a blank form option or by using the sample template to build the form according to your requirement.

Create Your Form

If you click on the blank form, open it and click on option create form. Click it and start editing it. Write the name and email address and data eth form. You will get the preview of your form to edit it accordingly.

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Publish the form.

After creating the form its time to publish now. There are two methods to publish it. these are

Use of shortcode

For using this method. Copy the shortcode and paste on the required page or post. The shortcode can be copied automatically on the clipboard. After that open the new page and paste it over here. now add your description like subscription and hit on publish. Your subscription form will ready.

Add contact form

It is a simple method. There are no copy-paste steps. Rather on the dashboard click on create new. Open it and select the type of form. Then insert it. For pdf, form type inserts pdf and then insert to create your pdf filling form.

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Share form

After creating and publishing you can share your form. On setting, the menu enables the share form option. You can disable this option too depending on your needs. you can share and get the response through your form.

Creating the form is not a difficult task. Only you know what type of form you have to create to run on your WordPress. You should remember the following things before creating the form.

  • Avoid using irrelevant fields in the form
  • The form should be responsive that is can be used in mobile and tablet.
  • Add a confirmation option when the user fills the form.
  • Test the form after creating to check that is it effective or not.
  • The form should be clean, clear and no clutters present
  • Use some antiviral options like Recaptcha to prevent from spam.
  • Labels should be well aligned as well as precise

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