5 Powerful Free Video Chat Plugins for WordPress

Video chats have become a comfortable and very effective way to get connected to customers, office team and target audience around the world. The best part is that online video chats allow interactions at home and office right from the comfort of your office or home. There are several wonderful video chat plugins for WordPress. However, the confusion lies with choosing one among the entire lot accessible these days.

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Here, we will focus on the right video chat plugin for your WordPress site.

Live Chat by Formilla

The plugin offers FREE live chat and Premium services for WordPress websites. This will allow your visitors to chat with you live in case, they have queries or need support. The plugin takes no time to get installed. You simply need to use the out-of-the-box Formilla Live Chat web interface and start off with live chat online directly.

The plugin allows you to live chat through a mobile device or tablet via using iPhone/iPad or even Android apps! This feature is available with the Premium package. The mobile ready chat widget promises a responsive design that easily adapts to smartphones of all sizes to ensure smooth interaction for your website visitors.

Live Chat by Formilla – Real-time Chat Plugin

This plugin offers real-time visitor monitoring to let you see the number of active visitors on your website. You can get information on the country the visitor is accessing your site from, recently viewed web pages, and much more. The language support option lets you customize the text for offline email forms, chat forms, and live chat buttons.

Smart messages help you display custom messages to your website visitors automatically in varied scenarios. With pro-active chat, you can allow pro-active chat to trigger live chat automatically in a matter of seconds. Other features of this plugin include chat broadcast to notify online chat agents about incoming chat, chat transfer; user/agent is typing a message, desktop notifications, custom banners, colors, and themes, attention grabbers, advanced customization and much more.

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The video chat plugin for WordPress is mainly suitable for interpersonal communication (long range) and group destinations.  iFLyChat aims at social networking, dating and blogging websites. It may also be used as an online support tool for clients.

This plugin will enhance user engagement of your WordPress website via allowing users to chat with each other in private. It allows one to one private conversation, chat room discussions and group chat. The plugin can be configured in a way to provide adequate online support for products/services. If you wish to get the most out of this plugin and save time, hire a Freelance WordPress developer and get the best out of the features offered.

iFlyChat – WordPress Chat

Some of the major features of this plugin include one on one (private) chat, embedded chat room, group chat, participation of anonymous users allowed to chat, cloud based chat, chat moderation, theme customization, chat content engagement, share files, automatic encryption for SSL based sites, translation, browser based mobile chat app, chat logging, and much more.

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Webcam Video Conference

VideoWhisper Video Conference is a fresh web based multiple system video chat and real time file sharing tool. The plugin is very easy to install and accessible to everyone, including users and user list. Members are allowed to create rooms.

With this plugin, one can define the user list with access and numerous permissions for each room. It offers a widget with active rooms list and entry and a full fledged menu with landing room page.

Webcam Video Conference

Other notable features of this plugin include BuddyPress integration, archive sessions and import videos combined with video share, and reserver features (setup and/or access rooms) for paying roles with Paid Membership and Content).

PPV Live Webcams

The plugin webcams with your WordPress web page effortlessly as a module. It also allows you to install video talk on a page you like. Off and on you can even include it as a flyover. The module is available with white naming choices. It helps building a turnkey pay per view (PPV) video chat site. The providers can perform pay per minute 1on1 video chat sessions. They may even receive tips.

It ensures the power of WordPress framework, ease of use, reliability, plugins, huge number of themes, and a large community of experienced designers and developers.

PPV Live Webcams – Paid Videochat

Other notable features of the plugin include lobby access permissions, admin tool for monitoring live sessions and spy on cams, abide by WP security standards and coding, easy import and upload of videos for display on page, video teaser display on profile page and preview in listings and many more.


The plugin allows you to be accessible at any place and at whatever time you wish to give visitors to your website a chance to call you (for nothing at all). Adding freecallinc to one of your pages will let your guests call you or message you in seconds.

This is a great idea to support your administration, clients, dealers, and many more. You can choose your accessibility via setting the ‘do not irritate’ hours.


The plugin has a new message sound alternative. There are around ten distinctive sounds to choose from. There are no hidden costs. Once you have it, you can use it lifetime without having to spend a penny. This plugin will help you know your clients better.


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