One of the most common errors faced by the WordPress developer or owner is “Error establishing a database connection”. It can be extremely daunting for the owner to face such an error with no elements, and no design. However, there is no need to panic in such a situation and just hire WordPress developer, if you don’t have one. the developers can easily solve the issues since it is not permanent damage.


Major Reasons For Error Establishing A Database Connection

Before moving towards the solution to the error, it is vital to know the reason why one face such error. Here are a few reasons to understand the reason in a better way.

  •  Login Credentials – In order to access the database, it is crucial to have the credentials of the login id and password. In case of a change, the user won’t be able to access the database. There might be some errors or failures in the files that will disrupt the login process. The reason can be corrupted files due to tot WordPress software, plugins, and themes.
  • Server Down – During the WordPress web development, if the server is down then it can be difficult to get desired results. Similarly, if the database server and web server are over different systems then it can be a reason to face such error.
  • Corrupted Database – If the database is messed up due to unsafe and unstable plugin then this can be a common issue. This can be due to the theme fails or even hackers attack.
  • High Traffic – The unresponsive issue is extremely common due to the high traffic that makes the server hang up.
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Solve the Database Connection Issue

It is easy to solve the database connection for the developers. So, it is not too late to hire a WordPress developer to solve the problem and fix the issues. This can also be done manually with the help of simple steps.

  1. Contact Web Host Provider – If you are just using the site and it was working fine before you receive the database error, then it is normal to feel that the error is at the web host end. However, the best thing is that most providers now offer fast-reacting support that can help in solving the issue soon. It is best to get in touch with the host via live chat to know the issue. It is best to know whether the database server is working or not. In the case of a spike in traffic and activity, the provider will solve the issue or make you understand the issue. In addition to this, they will explain to you in case of any suspicious activity.
  1. Theme and Plugin Files – In case the host is working properly then it is ideal to move towards theme and plugins. The WordPress web development depends widely on theme and plugins and hence it is best to check it out. It is possible that due to update the theme or plugin collapsed. Or maybe an external service messed things up for the website. It is best to check out themes and plugins to know more about the error. It is best to connect the host through FTP or rename the plugin folder.
  1. Corrupted Database – While working on the WordPress website, it is best to be sure about the database. The small cogs can be a disaster for your website. It is possible that things might go out of place that can lead to a database connection error. Check the dashboard with and check the error suggestions. It will explain the whole process so that you can go to the root and download wp-config.php. Just add one line to the notepad “define(‘WP_ALLOW_REPAIR’, true_;” to overwrite the old version.
  1. Credentials of Database Connection – A specific name and password are a vital part of the database. If you put up the wrong then you won’t be able to access the database at all. On top of that, during the WordPress web development, the credential will be put up by the developers. They are not going to change on their own so it is best to keep the credentials correct. There can be issues such as hosting environment and site files. Along with this, bad access can lead to such error to spoil all your hard work. In case of the error, copy “wp-config.php” and the next four lines then contact the host support. Once this is done, paste the lines and get the details to easily connect to the database. You will be able to reupload the FTP.
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  1. Restore WordPress Files – It might be possible that WordPress has corrupted files that can be a modified one on your end. It is possible to have a rogue plugin that made changes or you made the changes by mistake. However, one can easily restore the default version to eliminate the errors. Just copy the version from and then past it on the WordPress version. Also, delete the wp-content folder and get the newest package.


It can be a hundred percent error-free, hence it is best to work on two elements such as quality hosting and backup files. These two can keep any error away from your website. If the work is confusing then it is best to hire WordPress developer that can keep track of everything for you.

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