Cyber threat hunting is the strategy of proactively, as well as iteratively, seeking through systems to identify and segregate highly developed threats that circumvent present safety remedies. When it comes to businesses, most of the methods used have existed for years, and have been connected to the internet without any question about the security of systems developed many years earlier. Therefore, companies are not all equal when it comes to protecting against attacks.

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Why the Need?

One study stated that each data breach costs an average of $4 million to companies. Also, in some industries, it is often much more critical to prevent the destruction of “supporting assets” (servers, industrial systems such as automata, and controlled processes), than to prevent theft, loss or corruption of “primary assets” (information). On the other hand, all businesses are vulnerable to attack.

Therefore, you need to employ threat hunting to improve your IT security. Increasing the security of computer hardware and software would consequently enhance the security of information. Remember, digital data exchanged between companies can be of a strategic nature, be necessary for the operation of the proposed service (video-on-demand platform, online banking, etc.), or confirm a transaction between two parties.

Indeed, many companies have solutions and have anticipated the breakdowns and problems of availability but have not evaluated the risks associated with voluntarily harmful modifications of the programmed systems.


What will you do to ensure prioritization, agility, and adaptability to a successful cyberattack? At a time when we are looking for consultants in cybersecurity, and where companies, in the exposed areas at least, have begun to allocate budgets to the subject, it seems that it is time to try a definition.

Before addressing security needs, it is therefore essential to define what cybersecurity is.

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One cybersecurity strategy is the process of making your data unreadable by algorithms. Only staff with an encryption key can make the data readable, so even in the event of data theft, the data will be unusable without decryption. Cyberspace will, therefore, designate a zone, an interconnected digital network in which digital data flows.

Using data, it is possible to create statistical baselines to identify normality.

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Analytical technologies also offer new possibilities regarding data protection and the prevention of possible cyberattacks. Remember, the main benefits of data today are the optimization of sales and marketing strategies through access to customer data, and the detection of fraud or the use of cybersecurity management systems.

We may also use Bayesian algorithms, related to past occurrences, and predictive analytics, about upcoming events.

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Historical Data

Historical data also makes it possible to create predictive models, statistical models, and offer new opportunities in machine learning. You may wonder: “What are the consequences for business victims?” The consequences of cyber-attacks damage the reputation and image of the victim company, and this may result in a loss of trust of partners, customers, prospects, etc.

Indeed, cyber-security is about protecting investments, production capacity, people, and the environment from computer attacks. It means focusing energy and resources on the cyber risks that could impact the business, and on the measures that will provide insights and warnings about those risks.

Remember, a cyber-attack often occurs through an email with a link or an attachment.

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Trust the Professionals

Also, do not hesitate to call on professional providers of technological solutions that can protect your computer system. They will know how to make proposals appropriate to your situation. Almost all organizations today have integrated IT into their tools and strategies, and this massive generalization, which is also an opening to the world, is inevitably accompanied by cyber-pirates (sometimes state-sponsored) who carry out cyber-attacks, cyber-espionage, and cyber-wars. Cybersecurity must, therefore, pass the implementation of a complete process.

I, therefore, advocate a simple approach in small and medium-sized businesses: protection mainly concerns data before the computer equipment itself. The aim of securing information systems, is, therefore, to protect the information, in the broad sense of the company, against all imaginable threats: industrial espionage, malicious employees, and also server failure, cut off electricity, climate hazards, etc. Industries that are concerned about the risk of cybersecurity are generally already protected against “threats” related to breakdowns, accidents, and other events currently covered by their continuity plans and security plans. Cybersecurity has logically become vital for individuals, and also for businesses that have sensitive databases in their information systems.

Cybersecurity, therefore, consists of reducing the risk to infrastructure by physical means or cyber-defense measures to intrusions, attacks or the effects of natural disasters or those caused by man. The increasing digitization of our society simplifies our lifestyles, but it also entails significant risks for the security of all of us. Also, the creation of entirely secure computer systems seems like a Utopian dream.

Unfortunately, as far as cyber safety is concerned, the weakest link is often through employees. Therefore, you may wonder: “In the case of a cyberattack, what consequences will my organization bear?” Remember, an accidental vulnerability or malicious intrusion can affect the sustainability of a business.


By Diksha Yadav

Diksha Yadav is software developer with 4+ year experience in .NET and C#. She is senior developer and team leader in MNC and part-time blogger. She has enjoyed numerous assignments with the Company including automotive testing.

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