Top Tinder Hacks Everyone Should Know

Not so long ago, dating apps were considered a taboo. This includes application you didn’t talk about, hid within a folder on your smartphone, and disable notifications from. Today, however, they are a norm. It’s not unusual to read cheesy stories about how couples met on Tinder, Hinge, Bumble and other dating apps. All these stories persistently remind us you can find true love in places that are used to find a one-night stand. Obviously, if you are using an online dating app or have ever been online, you would know the experience is far from fantasy romantic comedies of all times.

Top Tinder Hacks Everyone Should Know
Top Tinder Hacks Everyone Should Know

You swipe, you match, somebody texts and the conversation begins. Or sometimes it doesn’t and the Tinder convoy never turns into an actual date. Even if there is a date you would have probably heard how people had to go on a thousand dates before they connect with “the one”. Why?

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A TellMeHow study found that 42% Tinder users already have a partner. With these challenges in mind, we have listed 5 Tinder hacks to get you more matches and avoid being catfishes.

Tinder Hacks That Get You More Swipe Rights


Tinder users know that leaving a good first impression is the key to more matches. So when you receive a right swipe, you would definitely want to look your best on the first date. But choosing an outfit for your first date can put you in a tight spot and you may want more than a second opinion. Especially, when you can’t trust your gut on whether you should wear that leather jacket. In this instance, you can seek help from the social media universe. Askem is a perfect app for Tinder users who need answers to negate modern dating dilemmas. You can ask questions like: Is my first date attire all wrong? Or do these pink shoes match my look? The app allows you to ask questions by sharing videos or pictures. Others users can reply by choosing their answer from five different text responses. People can also share the questions on social platforms as the app has a news feed that allows other users to discover and answer queries using hashtags with ease.

For Android developer : 

  1. CardStackView : Tinder like Swipeable CardView
  2. Add Tinder like SwipeView in Android


Can’t find any matches? The Tinderly Bonfire app for iOS and Android devices can come in real handy here. The mobile app gets you more matches with less swiping even if you have a less attractive profile. You can sign in using your Facebook account and like up to nine profiles in a single tap with this app. The program also lets you see Tinder users in other cities, which gives you the opportunity to date someone outside your town if you are planning to go on holidays. If that’s not enough, then you can use the tool to see all those people who have already liked you and undo those who swiped to the left by mistake. In brief, the app allows you to like more people. So the more you like the better chances you have to hook up with someone.


Over the course, Tinder has become the go-to app for those looking to engage in extramarital affairs or simply want to philander with someone other than their boyfriend or girlfriend. Of course, it is easier to be unfaithful in the digital realm, but it’s even easier to catch a cheating partner with the latest range of Tinder spying apps that can track a person’s mobile foot print. XNSPY, a tinder spy app, allow suspicious partners to monitor their dates’ online activities without their knowledge. The Tinder spy app can be installed Android devices to reveal whether your new love interest is covertly swiping behind your back. With XNSPY, users can kick a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend out of their lives as it allows them to; read all the chat threads; view all chat logs, see dating preferences, check the names of the contacts on chat, view if your partner is a paid member and get all the details with time and date stamps. The Tinder spying app costs as low as $8.33 a month.


Let’s lay it on the line. You won’t get to see any matches if Tinder users don’t like what they see. So it’s vital to display the most attractive picture possible. Whether you have imported a picture or have taken a new one with your handheld device, Facetune, a photo editing app, can use its advanced technology to give you that perfect picture for your Tinder profile. Unlike a Tinder spying app, Facetune simply uses the swipe of your finger to transform selfies into high-quality images by touching up their hair, smile, skin and adding other effects. Once your photos are Facetuned you can share them on any social media websites. The app is specifically built with an emphasis on easy-to-use features, where users can easily navigate through the interface, initiate commands without any hassle and achieve superb results with ease. The beauty of the app is it doesn’t require users to have any form of picture editing expertise or knowledge to get perfect photos.


We hope that the above-mentioned hacks will greatly help you overcome any issues relating to Tinder and increase your chances to find an ideal partner without luring into a relation by adopting a fake online persona.

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