Readability is a term used with reference to complexities of words and sentence structure. It is the ease with which any reader can easily understand a written text. The readability of a particular text depends upon its content and typography. It is very important to understand that content whatever is written should be easily understood by everyone. One can review his/her content in grammarly. This sentence checker tool is very helpful in identifying grammatical mistakes.

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These are the ways with the help of which one can improve the readability-

  •    Be expeditious in making your point of view.
  •    Assess the readability quantitatively.
  •    Use only those words which can be easily understood by users.
  •    Typography plays an important role.
  •   The Concept and content must be eye catchy.
  •    One can also use images to drive attention.

Be expeditious in making your point of view:

When scanners start reading your copy they usually need to read content quickly and they want useful information in that time. So try to make your content short, sweet and simple.

Assess the readability quantitatively.

There are some content checking standardize tools which help you to compare versions of copy. This sentence checker tool is very helpful to determine the complexities of the content.

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Use only those words which are easily understood by users.

Make sure your fancy vocabulary and jargons is easy so the user will feel comfortable while reading your content. If you want that your content should be user-friendly, first you have to be familiar with your readers, so that you can write content accordingly.

Typography plays an important role.

Always use text hierarchy and contrasting texts. Copywriters and content specialists are not responsible for designing. A copy friendly visual design uses default typefaces, layouts and backgrounds which improves the readability of the content. The text colours and the background colour need to be designed in a way, that one can easily differentiate in between. Sans Serif fonts are comparatively cleaner than Serif fonts.

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The Concept and content must be eye catchy.

Writing an attractive and engaging copy is not an easy task. As one research says that only 16 % people read the whole content and 79 % users scan the content. There are 6 principles of getting success in writing good content. They are as follows-

  1. Unexpectedness- use interesting and surprising information, fun facts etc.
  1. Simplicity- try to avoid complex words.
  1. Credibility- data points and number should be instinctive and grasped easily.
  1. Emotion-  use emotions in your copy so that users can easily relate.
  1. Story-  always try to write content like a story so that user will indulge in the content.
  1. Correctness- be specific with facts, numbers and figures.

Apart from these points, one should review the content in grammarly. This sentence checker tool will help you to remove all grammatical mistakes in the content. You can get review of grammarly free online. With the help of this one can easily check and review their content effectively and efficiently.

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The content should be written such that it is readable to users. One must have to be expeditious in making his/her point of view clear. Choice of words must be easy so that one can easily understand. Content must be eye catchy which contains emotions so that user can connect. Content and concept should be always written in meaningful story so that it can grab attention of users.




By Diksha Yadav

Diksha Yadav is software developer with 4+ year experience in .NET and C#. She is senior developer and team leader in MNC and part-time blogger. She has enjoyed numerous assignments with the Company including automotive testing.

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