Plastic Toys vs Wooden Toys: Which is Best for Your Child?


When we talk about toys for children, there are so many things that we should make a note of. We should conclude on the basis of durability, portability, uniqueness, creativity, safety, and other important things. So, in short, selecting the right toy for your child is quite a difficult task. However, we can make it simple by knowing all the things related to plastic as well as wooden toys.

So, here we go.


Grimm’s Wooden Toys: Cars, Animals, Train Sets, Etc.

As we talk about wooden toys, one thing is very clear and that is their durability. Wooden toys are more durable as compared to plastic toys. These are made of hardwood; we combine them together using glue. These do not break easily if thrown by your little one. Moreover, they are known as the safest toys. Wooden toys are best when it comes to shape, quality, weight, etc. 

When it comes to wooden toys, simplicity is another thing to consider. So many wooden toys are available in the market including toy cars, animals, trains, etc. These are light in weight and are well furnished such that your little one does not feel any pricks. Moreover, wooden toys are eco-friendly and do not cause any harm to the environment. However, we know that for making wooden toys, we need to cut the trees that are also not good for nature but it is not as harmful as plastic. Plastic is non-biodegradable and also it is non-recyclable.

Well, as we have discussed the positive points of wooden toys, there are some of the areas where these wooden toys lag as compared to plastic toys. These are as follows:

  • Fading color with time is the biggest issue in wooden toys. When the color fades away, the wood appears and the look of the toy completely deteriorates. 
  • When compared to plastic toys, wooden toys are relatively expensive.

For purchasing wooden toys for your little one, you can check out knock on wood toys for the latest and trendy toys.

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Plastic Toys: More Detailed & Impressive

When you will see the plastic toys and wooden toys in one place, you will notice that the plastic toys are more detailed and impressive. They also provide a realistic or you can say a genuine look. They also provide more engagement and allow your child to play more. These are also able to develop their minds when they play with more realistic things. 

Talking about their durability, we know that plastic toys are not only made up of plastic, they also include batteries and other things. So, they are more durable. They can be rebuilt if shattered into different pieces. It’s not like we cannot repair if it breaks, they can be rebuilt. So, plastic toys are more usable and helpful in developing skills in your child. Plastic toys are comparatively cheaper than wooden toys. 

As we have discussed so many plus points, it’s not like that they do not have any negative points. Every single thing on this planet has its pros and cons. So, some things that plastic toys lag behind are as follows:

  • These can be mildly toxic in nature. As we know that toddlers love to nibble everything they put their hands on. So, we should take care of our toddlers with plastic toys. 
  • Another thing that we need to worry about is that plastic is bad for the environment, so we should not use plastic. These are not degradable and also not recyclable which is worst for the environment.

Wooden Toys vs Plastic Toys

As we have understood the difference between wooden toys and plastic toys, we know all the advantages as well as the disadvantages of both. So, we are here to choose which one is best for your little one. 

Wooden toys are great when it comes to quality and weight. However, this does not mean that plastic toys are not good in terms of quality and weight. Plastic toys are also light in weight. But they can be mildly toxic when nibbled. But there is a solution to every problem. Have you ever heard about teethers; they are also made up of plastic but they are intended to be nibbled by toddlers? So, why would anyone purchase plastic teethers for their child? The logic is that we need to put them in boiled water before giving them to toddlers so that we can remove all the toxins from the boiled water. 

This is how it works. Some of us might be having a question about how it is possible to boil the battery-operated toys. Well, the answer is that you don’t need to boil them, for these toys, you need to take care that your child does not nibble them. 

So, you can purchase any type of toy according to you. But you should understand the entire plus and minus points of wooden as well as plastic toys. 

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In conclusion, we can see what is best for our little one. Either plastic or wooden, we need to choose the best out of them. But before making any decision, it is very important that we should go through all the points and then choose. Many sites are available where you can buy wooden as well as plastic toys. Also, you can prefer unique sites with unique wooden or plastic toys for your child.

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