5 Key Tech Priorities for SMBs in 2021

Small and mid-sized businesses emerging on the horizon can make their business operations more efficient by employing various tech solutions. This goes both for ventures operating in the digital sector and for those whose core tasks aren’t related to that field. 

Different companies have different tech needs, but there are some general technological priorities that every business should adopt. We’re going to talk about five key tech enhancers for new SMBs in the next few paragraphs.


Secure cloud solutions

Storing data on in-house memory devices is becoming obsolete. The whole world is migrating to the cloud, so your business should follow suit 

For starters, you can follow G Suite, i.e. Google Workspace, as it’s changing its name. These are the basics of online business collaboration: Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Drive, etc. It’s a handy option for a beginner in the business world. 

Instead of buying full-scale software solutions, cloud-based tools and apps allow for more customized use of software solutions. Thanks to their scalability you can pay and use only the options you need at that moment. 

While using cloud-based solutions, mind security features. Always opt for those provided by reliable business names and think about using additional protective elements, such as two-tier authentication and limited access. 

Automated finances and accounting

SMB-owners and their appointed team leaders have a lot on their plates. That said, if you want to run your business efficiently, you won’t have too much time to bother with non-core tasks. 

Since finances and accounting are very important parts of every business, you should find a way to either outsource those activities or automated them. 

Outsourcing is a wise choice as you’re getting into the business. Someone should explain to you the basics of SMB-finances and accounting. 

Once they show you the ropes, you can handle simpler things, like balance sheets and invoices alone. 

Still, you should keep one or more modern accounting apps. Once connected with your business’s current account and online payment methods, they will be the central point of your financial management. That way, you can automate reminder emails, invoice due dates, as well as monitor and analyze your business expenditure.

Business data analytics

We’ve mentioned monitoring and analyzing the financial data from your accounting app(s). That’s only the tip of an iceberg when it comes to business data analytics. Everything you do can be analyzed and all these reports can be used to improve your business operations.  

Since business analytics tools are becoming more advanced,  there’s a wide range of options for different analytical purposes. 

You can start with simpler analytics, such as social media tracking tools. These will allow you to understand people react to how things that you post to social networks. The results you get will be useful in creating new, more directed campaigns and social media posts. 

The next logical step is to use website analytics tools to supervise the functionality of your website. 

However, be aware that you probably won’t be able to do all these things on your own. But it’s important at least to get the gist of how business analytics works so that you can set your goals in those areas. 

Visual marketing features

The possibility of using a variety of visual marketing features for small business promotion is one of the key tech hacks of the present time. 

We’ve already highlighted the importance of website data analytics. Since your business website is the online headquarters of all your business activities, you should have it regularly monitored and updated. As experts from a Web design company in Houston claim, business websites need constant care and attention, to attract more visitors and generate more leads. 

If you populate your business website with your own business visuals, it will be more relevant to readers and you’ll have all those materials for free.

Apart from that, think about making explainer videos or short videos for product/service promotion. This might cost a bit, but the promotional benefits that such features return usually justify the investment.   

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Efficient project management

Even though project managers and team leaders are still important cogs in the project management mechanism, technology can also play a huge role. 

This is where we get to project management tools for SMBs. From task distribution and supervision to live online communication to data transfer and edit, these options make it possible for teams around the globe to collaborate and grow together. 

Still, when selecting the right project management package for your needs, stress out the fact that you’re a small business owner and describe your needs. That way, the provider will know what services to offer to you. By doing this, you’ll get more efficient services and save some assets along the way. 

In the modern business world, technology can cover many corners. From online cloud and project management tools to data analytics, there’s a plethora of solutions for faster, tech-enhanced business operability. When you add the power of marketing options to this formula, you get a powerful armada of tech tools that can help every SMB prosper and grow. 

Author Byline: Liam Collins is a tech pundit and Web enthusiast working at TuiSpace.com. He spends most of his time reading and writing about the current affairs in the world of information technology. When he isn’t working, he likes going for long bike rides and walks in nature.

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