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What are the Best Favorite Toys for Kids?

Imitating the role of different adults can put into practice what they are learning and strengthen the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. One of the first symbolic games that are appreciated in the little ones is when they imitate their parents and their teachers. In this role, they use the dolls or objects that they have at their disposal to make them pass by children or class students to fight or reward for their attitudes.

The most classic symbolic game is a wooden play kitchen. In this way and with toy kitchen models they learn to use kitchen utensils, get in touch with food and give more value to food that is then made to them. The symbolic game benefits the development of children in different fields. On the one hand, it enhances creativity and imagination, in addition to strengthening language, facilitating the learning of new words and terms, and improving communication skills.

Another advantage is that it reinforces social skills and teamwork because on many occasions the symbolic game is shared. It should be noted that this type of imitation game also promotes the ability to analyze and solve problems. The model wooden play kitchen preferred by experts is AllTopGuidetoy kitchen as its wood finishes and natural appearance make it really attractive.AllTopGuide kitchen that offers a very real experience to the little ones with its lights and a multitude of accessories.


Teamson – Little Chef Burlywood

This beautiful wooden kitchen will delight the little ones. One of the great advantages of this Teamson model is its size 90.2 x 54.6 x 29.5 cm. And experts believe that not exceeding 55 cm. wide it could be said that it fits in smaller rooms.

Its size is a great advantage because despite not being large it is a very complete toy kitchen. In addition, it has a sink that is removable for easy cleaning. An oven and a stove with knobs that turn completely so that the children feel like in a real kitchen.

In the upper part, there are two drawers and several shelves to store different utensils. There is a clock that will help the little ones to know the hours, simulate a specific period of time … and it is also perfect to decorate this kitchen.

In the lower part, it also has the oven, with a large cupboard as a pantry that can simulate the fridge to store all food and a hole under the oven that can also be used as a storage. Natural colors and materials make this model preferred by experts.

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MOLTO – Large Size Toy Kitchen with Light

Molto is a recognized brand of children’s toys that stands out for its attractive designs in which the maximum possible realism is incorporated. This large kitchen model includes an oven, extractor hood, washing machine, lights. It comes equipped as a real kitchen for a price of around 65 euros.

In one part the cooking area is located with the oven, the plate, the sink, and the washing machine. While the other area is intended to serve as a dining room. There is a table to eat and put all the meals that the little ones have prepared.

One of the advantages of this model is that more than three children can play at the same time since it can be played from all angles. Its size is 110 x 117 x 35 centimeters.

Another of the strengths of the Molto kitchenette is all the accessories it includes. There are spoons, ladles, and spatulas, but it also includes lights that give the symbolic game more realistic.

Large and Bright Multi Kitchen Wooden Child

Leomark is committed to bright colors for this attractive toy kitchen model. Made of wood, this model represents a large kitchen where children can play symbolic in its fullness.

With measures of 104 x 30 x 103 centimeters, it is a large toy kitchen where small chefs can enjoy cooking in their two stoves, imagining that they put a chicken in the oven, using the sink with or without water, and even putting the washing machine.

But the most striking thing about this kitchenette is the magnificent fridge. The large refrigerator makes the whole set have a touch of a greater reality.

Although symbolic games are imitation games of what adults do, children have their own tastes and it is very likely that if they were allowed to design their own kitchen, they would choose bold colors and prints like those of this Leomark model, which is right of full in this combination.

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New Classic Toys 11053 Cooking and Food RPG

The New Classic toy kitchen model is perfect for lovers of minimalist design and lovers of gray and white colors. With measures of 76 x 60 x 30 it is perfect to put it in any children’s room, and even to adapt it to the living room without involving many hindrances.

This wooden play kitchen models stand out for everything it offers in a small space. It has two stoves and a fair oven with 3 handling wheels that turn and make noise at each point simulating the rise or fall in temperature of a real kitchen. The oven door opens and has a shelf that divides the area into two. In the lower part of the oven, there is also a shelving area where you can store the two pots that are included with this toy kitchen.

In the upper part, there is an extractor hood, and a shelf to put the salt and pepper shakers, which are also included. In addition, at the top of the shelf, there is a clock where children can learn at times, control their baking times or simulate different meal times.

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