Once upon a time, toys for children were made by experienced joiners. Dads and grandfathers invented them from natural materials and carved for their kids. Time has passed. But nothing changed! Nowadays, wooden toys don’t lose popularity, on the contrary. All over the world, there is an eco-friendly toy trend of rejecting plastic in favor of natural materials that are quickly recyclable and do not pollute the environment. But these are not the only advantages of wood for creating items for children’s activity.


Simple and Lively

A tree has its own energy. Wood surprisingly attracts the attention of every baby even with the simplest form of a toy. The smallest and most curious will be climbing for simple wooden cube faster than behind the keys, phone and other adult things that children are crazy about. You will be surprised how diverse the range of Ecotoki.com site is and you will show it to your friends. Here you will find toys with rounded edges, perfectly sanded and neatly stained with safe dyes.

Wood has its own weight, heavier than plastic for children. It’s interesting and pleasant to hold organic wooden toys in hands. Any child feels volumes and contours, wants to carry such a product and play. This is not empty and lightweight plastic. Those playsets are more interesting.

Colored details from Grimms will help small kids realize fantasies than more complex plastic. The authentic look of wooden toys without staining develops children’s imagination in building and inventing images. A colorless wooden rainbow can be painted together with parents and it will be dear to the heart toy. You will be surprised to find that wooden blocks, both colored and natural textures, will take the child’s attention longer than anything else.

Anything for children can be made of wood: from small dolls to large horses that swing back and forth for rocking, causing laughter and joy. You can also buy cute interior items for a children’s room.

A wooden car can be given into the hands of the smallest child who has just learned to hold something in his hands. Simple outlines and designs are best suited.

The optimal material for a playhouse is wood. You can paint it with your children or buy a ready-made version. A set with chairs and tables can fall to the floor many times and not be damaged.

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What else is notable for wooden toys

  • There are no musical mechanisms in them, and the child begins to voice the game process.
  • The simplicity of construction and design does not tire and does not cause irritation.
  • There are a lot of toys made of wood that develop fine motor skills: beads on shoelaces (labyrinths), constructors, twigs with moving elements, gurneys.
  • Sorters, geometries, balancers, and cubes help to develop spatial thinking.
  • The natural unpainted details show the texture of the tree. So the kid gets acquainted with nature, studies it.
  • The tree gives a pleasant tactile sensation and quickly receives the warmth of children’s hands.
  • The child feels the weight, structure, density, smell of a toy made of wood.

Do you think organic toys are boring? Not at all! It can be any toy: wendy doll, a Thomas train with his railway, a big house, a huge steady brio, a bright pyramid, a flexible caterpillar, frames for children’s masterpieces. Anything you can find on Ecotoki.com with a guarantee of safety and non-toxicity.

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Natural Will Always Be The Best One

Wooden toys are best stored in textile bags. Ideally, this is linen or cotton fabric. These are living and real objects that every child will love. In addition, they look beautiful and can be used as decor for any room: a bright rainbow, a rocket, a pyramid, 3-D puzzles, animal figures. 

Wooden toys can arouse an adult child’s interest in studies very quickly. For example, buy him geometric figures made of wood with a pronounced texture. Such a kit will work faster than a plastic analog because the child will feel these forms and differences. This is not proven by research, but it is the experience of every parent who chooses a natural tree for developing activities.

Eco-friendly toys that mimic fruits and vegetables are great for studying food. Your child will have his own imaginary kitchen. Your child will be able to play in his own Zoo-game with animals from wood. For the development of thinking, it is very good to use wooden puzzles of all possible types with volumetric details.

Support our planet. Create the best living conditions for your children. Spare them from an excess of plastic. Show them this nature-friendly mindset with your own example and choice of toys. Buy beautiful gifts from a natural material.

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