How to morph Android button library

In my previous article on ChipView and ChipsInput i am going to show you how to morph Android button. In this library you’ll use Android button which can morph from one shape to another.

You can easily extend MorphingButton to add your own behaviour. Below is example of LinearProgressButton which extends MorphingButton.

morph Android button library
morph Android button library

How to implement morph Android button library

The lib is available on

repositories {
    maven { url "" }

dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.dmytrodanylyk:android-morphing-button:98a4986e56' // commit hash

Sample code

// sample demonstrate how to morph button to green circle with icon
MorphingButton btnMorph = (MorphingButton) findViewById(;
// inside on click event
MorphingButton.Params circle = MorphingButton.Params.create()
        .cornerRadius(dimen(R.dimen.mb_height_56)) // 56 dp
        .width(dimen(R.dimen.mb_height_56)) // 56 dp
        .height(dimen(R.dimen.mb_height_56)) // 56 dp
        .color(color( // normal state color
        .colorPressed(color(R.color.green_dark)) // pressed state color
        .icon(R.drawable.ic_done); // icon

That’s it yes you need to do only that thing. Hmm thats cool isn’t it?

Tell us with you suggestion about this library in comment section.


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