12 Best Hacking Apps for Android

Technology has grown over the years and is still growing. As a result of this, it has led to the development of hacking apps. Hacking apps has its positive and negative sides. Additionally, hackers can access your personal information after the device is hacked. Henceforth, it is important to understand the procedure of hacking. This will help you to assess your information and be aware in case of a situation. Let us see the best hacking apps you can use for android.  


JJSPY Phone Hack App

JJSPY APP has become a popular hacking app across the world. This monitoring application is available on iPhone and Android. It is an easy and most effective tool you can use. The most important thing is that it spies without disclosing information to the hacked person. This tool comes with all features that you need. Here are ways to use the hacking app: 

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Mobile camera

Firstly, it has a live streaming camera. Therefore, you can turn someone’s camera without their consent. Furthermore, you can save the photo then download it later on your device.  

Screen streaming 

You will get the live screen streaming feature. It allows you to live stream on WhatsApp or other communication mobile apps. Besides, this app gives you a live video of what a person does.  

Contact list and call logs 

You have someone’s phone number but it is still not enough to spy. JJSPY app enables you to see the contact list as well as call logs. 

Location of GPS 

All applications require GPS location. You can spy someone device without touching but you have to go the extra mile to track the location.  Besides that, JJSPY has an inbuilt tracker that helps to locate GPS location.

Mobile Apps

Spying is connected to applications. It means you are looking for the applications used to communicate with people on devices. JJSPY is an advanced technology that helps you to see the application used as well as the task. You will retrieve all the information done on the apps. 


XNSPY is one of the best tracking apps in the technology industry. It has a control to access emails, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, messenger, camera, videos audios, and pictures. In addition to that, you will locate the GPS region and know the whereabouts of a person. Its features will monitor all activities in a device. You will be able to gather enough evidence before the confrontation.


This is a useful app that you can put in your bucket list. Its features will let you check social media accounts including tinder, Facebook messenger, and WhatsApp. Furthermore, you will check internet history, contacts, call logs, images, and their whereabouts. This is enough evidence to catch a person. 

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This software lets users retrieve enough information from the targeted device. You will monitor devices undercover without the targeted knowledge. Spyzie tracks call logs, location, snap images, Instagram, and Facebook, tinder, and text messages. Additionally, it has more advanced features for live stream, live camera, recording as well as a keylogger.


This advanced application has all tracking features. It is the latest software thus spyEra is not beyond the technology. Use the app to listen to conversations, track location, access email, text messages, contact list, call logs, MMS, camera, and videos. This latest tool ensures you take less time when tracking someone. 


This app monitors the targeted phone and ensures your kids are always safe. Also, employers use mobistealth to track workers for the company to be effective. It let users monitor saved images, videos, and browser history. Moreover, you can check incoming calls through a live camera and screen recorder. You will hack the GPS region even if the mobile device has a turned off GPS.

Highest mobile

This android app comes with various features. It let you see history information, text messages, and record phone calls. Turn on the live camera and listen to conversations. Also, the live camera enables you to know about ongoing activities. The GPS feature tracks the location of the mobile device.


Spyic is great for android users. It comes with all the basic features you require for the task. You will unlock all information without touching the device. In addition to that, the Spyic team claims that their tool can monitor social media without rooting. Use the software to track location, messages, call logs, contact information, Skype, tinder, and social media chats. 


Cocospy brings flexible features that meet your desires. Uses use the characters to monitor call logs, contact lists, images, videos, instant messaging, text messages, and social media. Users can turn on live microphones and cameras to listen and see activities. You will live scream activities, Is this not impressive? Customers have positive reviews about the tool. 

Spy bubble

Spy bubble does things secretly without invading the targeted privacy. It will record everything through a live screen. You will know activities taking place on the device. Use this tool to track location, messages, saved snaps, notifications, text messages, and videos. 

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TheTruthSpy is a well-known app with all features you need for the task. Most people use the tool to monitor workers, children, and lovers. Remember the app is designed for legal activities only. You can view messages, call logs, contact details, saved pictures, videos, text messages, and conversations on the social media platform. The GPS tracker is used to determine the location of the person.

Spapp monitoring

This tool monitor app as well as spy android camera. It is among the best apps to track images on other devices. You can use to snap pictures using both cameras. Other features include tracking calls, browser history, GPS location, messages, and chats. Furthermore, you can pay a fee if you need to record calls. The payment is affordable just like buying a cup of drink.

Final thoughts 

Android users should know about hacking tips. Nobody wants to disclose important information to strangers. In most cases, young people are the potential victims of online hacking. This is because they take part in online games with unknown opponents. Online games have also led to a “web of lies” which is dangerous. Some folks end up losing their children or beloved ones.  Also, users can use the tools to track lovers and workers. 

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