Improving Operational Efficiency

We often hear about how text messaging improves customer service, as well as overall customer experience. However, besides benefitting the customers, it also lends a hand to the productivity and operational efficiency of the businesses. 

Operational efficiency means the capability to deliver products and services to the customers in the most cost-effective way. To provide our customers with relevant information, we need to stay in touch with them. Text Messaging is the most effective way of communication, rather than a phone call or a voicemail. 

Still skeptical about the effectiveness of text messaging? Here are the five ways in which text messaging helps to improve business operational efficiency-

Provides Consistent Access To Information Anytime, Anywhere

Ubiquitous access to information is necessary for businesses to develop. If you don’t have the tools and technology required for the employees, it results in poor business performance and unhappy employees. With an effective business SMS solution, you can keep your clients and customers informed and up-to-date.  

Automated Responses With Simultaneous Service

Utilizing the automated text message responses can free up so much of your precious time. Just like the FAQ’s page, these responses aim to answer the customer’s queries without any effort from your end. 

Providing services to multiple customers at the same time sounds like a fairy tale. Using phone calls, you can have only one conversation at a time. Text Messaging helps the employees to handle multiple conversations at the same.

It gives clues that alert the employees whenever a conversation needs attention and increases the speed of service. 

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Scheduled Notifications

Whether it is an appointment or payment, sending notifications can be challenging as it may not reach the person. Even if we use a voicemail or an e-mail, there is no guarantee that the target audience will check it as; they may not have proper notification setup for the e-mails. 

However, text messages increase the chances that the customers will see the notification. You can integrate the business texting software with your CRM to send out notifications and alerts automatically. 

Keep Track Of The Messages

While text messaging, you have a clear list of the messages you’ve sent, as well as received. It benefits the businesses in two ways. First, it helps you to analyze the contents of the message for the useful information that can be used for improving business. 

Second, the employees can easily pick up what the customers spoke last time. So, it creates a list of interactions with your customers for your reference.

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Richer Chat Experience With Chatbot Technology

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence software that simulates a conversation with the customers in a natural language. It means that humans and bots can work together. 

When you pair an SMS with chatbots, you enter into a new phase of customer engagement. Chatbots with texting help a business to answer a large volume of questions personally. It helps the company to meet the growing preferences of the customers to solve their problems. 

Financial service companies use chatbots for improving mobile banking. Hotels use this technology to expand their guest-service options. And, retailers use it to increase customer loyalty by sending delivery reminders, order confirmation, etc.


Instant Customer Feedback

Customer feedback and star ratings are the key factors used by people to judge a business. Lack of appreciation hinders business growth. So, it is crucial to get real-time feedback from the customers. 

It is quite common to send a feedback request through an e-mail. Further, most of the customers ignore to log in their account, find the mail, and write feedback. Instead, businesses can send a short feedback survey text message. This business approach makes it easy for customers to leave their reviews online. Moreover, you can get more accurate feedbacks instantly.

Improves Customer Service

Text messaging helps to maintain excellent customer service. If you own a small-scale business that provides services like a beauty salon, mechanics, or a clinic, text messaging helps to reduce missed appointments. You can send a simple reminder to your clients. You can add value to your business by sending relevant advice and tips to the customers.

Travel agencies also benefit a lot from text messaging. A text suggesting last-minute flight cancellations or delays can spare your customers from the needless inconvenience. Personalized messages, including deals or promotions based on the customer’s purchase history increase loyalty.


These are a few ways that a business can improve its operational efficiency using text messaging software. In order to see significant improvements in your business operation, you need to properly train your staff on how to manage text message communication effectively. Besides, analyze the other factors to benchmark the business performance and make improvements.

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