What Android Keylogger Can Do for Employers and Parents

Cyber bullying, pornography, online predators, sexting, among others, are the growing online threats to children. The loss of confidential company information, low employee productivity and online sexual harassment are critical issues for the company. These are some of the disadvantages that the growth of mobile and online technology has brought us. With such a threat, protecting your children and your business is obvious.
Android keylogger or less known keyboard grabber is a software developed with a single purpose, to collect the keystrokes of a specific device and add them to the log file.
They work the most natural way but they cannot be detected, and there is no effective anti-software software, which means they will work as long as you need it.

Features of Android Keylogger

Location tracking

iKeyMonitor Android Keylogger allows you to continually monitor the status of the Android device on which it was installed. Thanks to its energy-efficient algorithms, this function does not discharge the battery very quickly.
When using the GPS module on a device, the application will track the exact location of the phone/user on a customized time interval .

Call data and record calls

iKeyMonitor Android keylogger keeps a detailed log and records call conversations, allowing you to discover anything from the contact’s name to the call duration, listen to calls, record them and download the recordings.

Monitor text messages

All text messages, images, audio files, and videos are saved. It also allows you to read all the messages sent and received by the target device. SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Tinder, Facebook and other applications are compatible.

Log web browsing history

iKeyMonitor records the web browsing activities on the phone, allowing you to know which sites the phone user has visited.
Even when the SIM card is changed, all the features of iKeyMonitor Android keylogger will continue to work.

Complete data control

The photos, videos, sounds, etc. can be monitored from the control panel. Furthermore, it means that they can be checked, downloaded and even deleted.

Why Do We Need An Andriod Keylogger?

Android Keylogger was primarily developed as a security application, used by parents, employees and security agencies.
It is not a gift, nor is it designed to damage the owner of the target device. While there are many reasons for when and why iKeyMonitor Android Keylogger are necessary and essential, we will mention some of the most important ones.

The child leaves the room each time he receives a call

If this happens frequently, it is very likely that your child is hiding something. This is the main reason why a child will leave the room where the parents are. Keep in mind that there are many dangerous activities, actions, and influences that your child will try to hide from you!

Your child’s friends are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Children are liable to spend more time with friends who are prone to cigarettes or even drugs. Psychology defines this as the need for an individual to resemble a man, or a woman, in the case of girls. In both situations, as a parent, you will need to protect your loved ones. iKeyMonitor is the best way to do it.

Protect Your Child from Online Treats

The Internet is a dangerous place. Online predators are more common than you think and are very dangerous! This application is the only way to protect a child from these treats.

Cyber Bullying

This is the latest online gift. Cyber bullying is more than conventional in the United States and has an adverse effect on mood, personality formation, and school outcomes.
Your employees spend time chatting or playing, every employer knows that employees will try to spend as much time as possible using their smart phones for fun.
The application will prevent this from happening.

Protect Your Smartphone From Theft Or Loss

With the GPS function of Android keylogger mentioned above, it is possible to determine the exact position of the device. Regardless of whether your device is stolen or lost, you can recover it in minutes.
Important: All necessary information about the device may be misused, so be sure to enable the GPS positioning function.


iKeyMonitor will secretly monitors your children or team members’ phones, recording calls, spy SMS (text messaging), MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Internet activity, calendar, contacts and, of course, geographical location (GPS). The Android Keylogger protects your loved ones, protects you from the dangers and improper use of your company’s time and guarantees the best protection from the Internet.

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