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Call tracking in businesses has been increasingly popular nowadays, and you’re probably wondering what good can a simple process of “tracking calls” do to your business? Before dismissing the idea of call tracking altogether, it might help to see just how it works in general so you can have a deeper understanding of how “tracking calls” can actually put your company to a position of advantage in your niche. Perhaps the first step is to acknowledge that, yes, call tracking primarily does track calls. However, it’s what you do with the calls you track that can create the magic that everyone loves with call tracking.

It might help to actually get to know a few statistics in terms of sales. For instance, sales representatives actually spend as much as 40% of their time just searching for somebody to call, and it usually takes 18 dials to connect successfully with a prospect. You’re 4.2 times more likely to get an appointment when you establish connections with buyers, and 43% are actually more inclined to try out new products because of friends. With this in mind, it’s important to know that establishing connections with your prospects matters, but knowing exactly “how” to do it can be tricky if you don’t exactly know what goes on in calls.

Call Tracking: How Do You Use It for Your Business?

With the above taken into consideration, call tracking can actually make a huge difference for companies. Companies such as Fone Dynamics can help you establish a call tracking system in your company. Here are some ways you can use call tracking to benefit your business:

  • See which channels are sailing and which need adjustments: You can see which channels are “sailing” for you or not because call tracking assigns unique telephone numbers to each marketing channel you have. This means your website, pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement, and search engine advertisement each have different numbers that customers can call. For example, if a customer calls from the number assigned to the PPC advertisement, you will know that the customer saw the PPC advertisement. Now, if a lot of your calls are coming from the number assigned to the PPC, then you know that your PPC is a good and effective channel as it’s getting a lot of calls.
  • Know what happens during calls: Even if we say calls are an extremely important part of the sales process, not a lot of companies are actually able to see just what’s making their calls work – or not work. Call tracking and its handy “record call” feature can actually let you know what kinds of conversations are happening during the call. When you have such data, you can do an assessment and evaluation of your sales process to reinforce your strengths and improve your weaknesses.
  • Combine call tracking data with your other analytics for maximum coverage: One of the best perks call tracking can give your company is the ability to provide better coverage on data that matter for your operations. While you can internal data through your existing system, you can now also get an external, customer-centric view of what’s happening outside sales. Call tracking can get you insights on customer satisfaction, especially when you use the data provided by the call tracking system for in-depth analytics.
  • Get a better assessment of customer service: With the ability to track calls, you also get the ability to assess your staff performance in giving customer service. Their managers and other quality control personnel can finally “see” the way your staff speaks or interacts with your customers and how it influences the sales. This allows you to identify which staff needs a bit of work and who performs well. You can then implement action plans to develop your staff in order for them to meet your sales target.
  • Identify which aspects of your services contribute or not contribute to customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction plays a huge role in terms of the development and progress of your sales team. Knowing just which aspects of your services satisfy customers can help identify points of improvement. Call tracking can help you with this by generating data on which parts of your sales process your customers like or not.

The Bottom Line: Call Tracking Can Benefit Your Business

Everything must be taken into account when operating a business. This means having a better idea on how both internal and external systems work and knowing how to make the most of these systems. With the competition nowadays, it is important to know what part of your marketing reaches your customers and draws them in, what makes them make a purchase, and how they like your products and service. With all these data, you can employ strategies to make your sales process more effective and efficient. Call tracking can help you with all of these so you can reach your business goals.

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