CRM Features Your Business Absolutely Needs

Before delving into CRM features that your business absolutely needs let’s explain what CRM is and what it’s used for. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a process that helps a small business or a big enterprise interact with its customers. The CRM process is usually executed by reliable CRM software. CRM software automatizes tasks that were done by humans, making the workflow of a company faster and with fewer errors. Using good CRM software will help you keep your existing customers, reduce customer churn, keep in touch with your new leads, increase your inside sales, and a lot more.

Now that we understand what CRM stands for and how it’s used let’s move on to the best CRM features for your business.


The first CRM feature your business absolutely needs is third-party integration.

A  CRM software can provide many features that will optimize the day-to-day task of your business but if it can’t integrate with third-party software it will be a dud. Integration means that your CRM can connect with third-party software that you are already using with your firm. For example, CRM software can provide you with email templates that can make your communication easier, but if it can’t integrate with Gmail or any other email software it will be of no use to your company. The aforementioned example applies to any other software.

Email templates can make your company productive

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Automating your Email, Phone & SMS communication

Why is communication an essential CRM feature? Good communication inside a firm will help you deal with sales and your customers in a faster way. By improving your communication, you will be able to deal with your customers’ needs faster. Meeting your clients’ needs will help you with retaining customers and improve the growth of your business. A CMR software that is good with automating your communication, can not only help with customer retention but with bringing in new clients. With streamlined communication, you will be able to follow up faster on your leads and meet their demands. Automating your email, phone & SMS communication will save you from leaching money because of a miscommunication.

How is communication in your firm improved by automating communication? Good CRM software will allow you to make customized templates that are unique to your business. You will have specialized email and text messaging templates for any given situation in your firm, relieving you of the repetitive and boring task. You will also have templates for your customers which will increase customer satisfaction. They can also provide you with a contact center, a contact center will automate customer interactions.

Reports are an absolutely needed CRM feature for your business


To keep your business up to date, you need a CRM that will give you detailed reports. These reports can help you with noticing your mistakes as soon as possible and correcting them. Make sure that the CRM is compatible with your business, for example, if you are a moving company, pick a CRM software like Deciding on the right CRM in this instance is crucial because you need to be sure that they can provide the reports you need. This report can show you many different things. New leads, how your marketing campaign is doing to your employees’ success rate.

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A database 

Any business has a lot of data to be store, so they must have an organized database. An organized database means that everything is easy to find and that all the data is divided by type. The CRM should have all of your customers’ interactions logged. That means when your sales representative contacted them, when and how many sales were made, etc. The leads should be divided from your customers’, which also implies any other information that is collected by your CRM software. 

No matter where you are you need to be able to access your data 

CRM feature that your business absolutely needs is remote data access

 If you have a salesman that works in the field, remote data access is a must. Before picking a CRM, look into if they have remote data access. It can help your salesman with leads because he can always have any information that the clients desire. Make sure that the cloud service has an application that can run on android and iOS. 

Customer data analysis 

Customer analytics is a very essential part of good CRM software. A good customer data analysis will improve client satisfaction and increase sales, and we know that sales are usually the main focus of improvement for any business. What does a successful customer analysis do? It looks through the date to find out which customers are going to return to your business. It can analyze the data to find which customers are the most profitable and which spend more money. Maybe the most important part it can create targeted ads based on clients’ activity. 

Sales analytics and sales forecasting

Sales analytics and sales forecasting are needed if you want to boost your profits. Sales analytics will show you how your workers are performing. So that you can help them improve their performance. With sales analytics, you can boost your wholes sales team’s performance by instructing every team member. Sales forecasting will show you how the product that you are selling will perform in the future. If the sales forecast is good then keep your product, however, if it’s bad, maybe consider other options. 

Get a CRM that can do social media monitoring

In the beginning, social media sites were not special but now they are very important for any business. Get a CRM that can monitor your social media sites. The CRM should be able to check your social media engagement, how many comments you are getting if your site is being shared and or mentioned. It should be apple to show you your customers’ demographic, and their interest so that, you can make a compatible marketing strategy.

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A reliable CRM software helps you with repetitive tasks that can be automated, it will improve your companies performance, but the important work with customers needs to be done by your employees. 

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