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Inside sales is a relatively new phenomenon in the business world. As opposed to traditional sales, this kind of trade doesn’t require a face-to-face meeting with clients and can be easily done remotely (by the phone or online).

Inside sales are becoming more and more popular among small businesses. For example, there are lots of B2B companies that seriously focus on remote sales. They consider it a viable investment and a great opportunity. With that being said, business owners create inside sales teams, implement various analytical tools to monitor the productivity of their agents, and do everything possible to increase customer engagement.

There are several factors that nudge small businesses into inside sales.

  • Inside sales are cost-effective

Inside the sales department it is much cheaper for a business that an outside sales team. Even if inside sales agent doesn’t use any specialized call center software, one still can contact more leads and hold more meetings per day compared to an average outside sales rep.

Inside sales allow you to contact with more potential customers in a shorter time, qualify them, clarify needs, etc. It is easier to persuade a prospect to have a short talk on the phone or a conversation via email than get them to agree to a meeting, especially if a prospect is not yet aware of their needs.

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A salesperson can physically conduct, say, 3-4 meetings a day, but one can make a lot more calls and send more emails. The meetings make sense at a later stage when the need has already been identified and the only thing that’s left is discussing the details of the deal or establish further cooperation.

  • Inside sales are comfortable for businesses  

Remote sales have become possible thanks to the development of technology. The software can increase the productivity of the salesperson (autodialers, cloud-based CRM systems, tools for online presentations and conferences, etc.) There are hundreds of business tools available for sales reps. All they need to do is browse through available options and choose the ones that would be most helpful in working with prospects and existing customers.

Also, technology eliminates the need to travel, which gives more time for working with clients. Likewise, inside sales are not tied geographically to a single place, and this means that business can easily outsource an entire sales department.

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  • Inside sales are favored by clients

Truth be told, remote sales are very comfortable not only for vendors but also for buyers. Those prospects who are genuinely interested in a product or service research it online. In most cases, contemporary buyers prefer getting in touch with sales reps via social media, emails, and video calls to meeting in person.  

Benefits of inside sales software

These days, inside sales software for small companies can really make things work by helping sales reps reach prospects, close deals, and gather all the necessary information for follow-ups. Great inside sales software can bring many advantages to a small business.

It accelerates sales and improves productivity

There are many powerful sales tools for inside sales teams to incorporate into their daily operations. The right software can exponentially boost the efficiency of the entire department. With the help of such apps as efficient autodialer, agents will be able to connect with more prospects and close more deals. Similarly, tools like CRM and email campaign management system will simplify the work of sales teams by taking over time-consuming routine tasks.

It promotes an exceptional collaboration

Everyone working in B2B sales knows that every business deal in this environment is a very complicated process. To close an average B2B customer, the agent needs to contact several decision makers. Given that so many people are involved, it’s much harder for salespeople to move their leads through the sales pipeline. It requires constant coordination with marketers, managers, and other business branches. The easiest way to keep a hand on the pulse of the sales process is to use a corresponding technology to store all the essential information. Hence, a great CRM system can make a difference between landing the lead or not.  

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What inside sales software will bring to the table?

Supposing, you’ve decided to implement an inside sales software in your business. You’ve selected the best solution, trained your people, and started working. What results can you expect from this change? Some of the most visible advantages include:

  • making more contacts per day for less cost;
  • ensuring a faster response time and providing a better overall customer experience;
  • obtaining flexibility to easily scale the size of sales teams without the need to relocate;
  • having the right tools for better coaching of inside sales agents hence an opportunity to refine the quality of customer service.

Overall, inside sales software brings numerous opportunities for a small business. The trick is to find a versatile and productive software that will be suitable for your team, help them do their jobs, and foster the achievement of your business goals.

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