Ways to Make Working Remotely Enjoyable

Working from home is one of the fundamental ways of productivity in the current world due to the pandemic scenario. As a result, many companies are allowing their employees to work from home using online sources. 

There is a difference in working atmosphere between your office and your home. Thus, several companies are trying different techniques to improve the employees’ productivity and morale at home. Let’s take a look at some of these techniques.


Custom Backgrounds for Video Calls

Sometimes, it is nice to spice things up when having a video call. Participants who use Zoom can introduce a bit of flair by using custom backgrounds. 

When others notice a tropical paradise or a fictional world as someone’s background, they might laugh, which can be a great ice breaker. You can find out more about custom Zoom backgrounds at https://setapp.com/.

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Snapshots of Mugs

Mug shots are a fun activity. This is how to participate in one:

  1. The team brings their favorite mugs and explains the stories behind the importance of that specific mug to the team.
  2. Every participant sends a picture of themselves with their favorite tea or coffee mug.
  3. The person in charge posts all of them in email threads or other ways. 

Finally, if you want it to be a game, you can ask the participants to snap pictures of only their mugs and make it a guessing game for the team. Whoever makes the most accurate guesses wins. 

Breaks for Biscuits

It can be an efficient way to relax for some time between work. Biscuit breaks can be achieved online where every participant of the virtual meetings drinks coffee or tea with biscuits and have a chat. 

People can share stories about their favorite brand of biscuits and whether they dunk the biscuit in their beverage. It can help in raising morale and giving the employees a better and relaxed experience. 

The World Exploration

Your team can now take virtual tours to museums. You can share links and take tours together with all the employees through virtual reality. Then, you can form questionnaires and ask them about their experience, their favorite art forms, what they enjoyed about the tour, and several other questions. 

You might turn it into a game by asking them questions and giving numbers accordingly. The winner can get another tour pass or any other prize. In this way, you can upgrade the profitability from the work-from-home situation. 

Battles of Lip Syncing

It would be best if you did not underestimate the power of people bonding over laughs and making a fool of themselves. If you have a team full of extroverts, you can opt for this fun and relaxing break from work. You might host a dance-off or lip-syncing battle that can have your employees as participants. 

It will help the team to let loose and come back with more efficient work performance. You can turn it into a contest based on the employees’ votes and prize the winner to make it a fun game. It can help improve employee bonding and increase engagement. 

The Handbook of Special Occasions

You can create a handbook of occasions that can be celebrated virtually and send it to team leaders to implement it. The occasions can be based on events or monthly themes. For instance, you can choose October to be the month for spooky games and quizzes. 

Using the ideas can be more accessible around holidays by choosing to use the theme of that specific holiday for the occasional break. You might take group photos of the team based on the occasions and post them on email threads or elsewhere. 

Sessions for Listening

It can be a learning and a fun, bonding way to improve the productivity of work from home. Organizing such sessions can allow you to figure out what your team needs and fulfill those demands. 

It can also lead to discussions and understanding each other’s views on a particular topic. Listening sessions can also improve productivity as you can get to know what the employees feel and get them to work effectively. 

Buzz Days

In the current pandemic situation, the finances of a company can be in difficulties. However, it is still necessary to acknowledge the work of the employees and reward them accordingly. Buzz days stand for days where short targets are set, and people achieving them get prizes. 

The prize can be an early break from work or a quick ending day of an official working day. Of course, it would cost nothing to the company, but the workers still feel gifted. 

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Final Words

The world’s present situation has led people to stop going out and start working from their homes online. It can cause issues as there is a difference in productivity from the office and home. 

Thus, companies are trying ways to keep the spirits of their employees up. These are some of the ways that you can use to do so. You might read the article and apply these tips to your life for a better working experience from home. 

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