With the upcoming trends in technology, new features are becoming available continuously. If you install, configure as well as administer Microsoft Dynamics 365 services and products, then you must be looking for the latest updates and news online. Dynamic 365 allow its previous version functionality to be included as an essential part of a suite of the smart business app. The common applications that make up the CRM an important part of the suite are Project Service Automation, Sales, field service and Customer Service. Also, Dynamic 365 includes applications for Finance and Operations. All you need is a license and add applications as you require them.

Getting updates of Dynamic 365 CRM

There are many ways to which you are looking to get the latest updates of Dynamic 365 CRM. Let us take a look-

Dynamic 365 (on-premises)

Dynamic premises are now available on premises. It enables you to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics Server in 2016. The section defines how the server 2016 of Microsoft Dynamics CRM upgrades your present system and what happens to items like solutions, customizations, and existing reports. Also performing these tasks in advance can assist in minimize system to ensure a successful upgrade. With an upgraded Dynamic 365, you have a complete functioning Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2016 deployment all server roles and servers should be upgraded.


Dynamic 365 (Online)

When your update happens, you can schedule a particular date. This is known as a customer-driven update as your drive the update timings to be the most perfect for your business. When you update your Microsoft Dynamic CRM online business, you will get an option to the latest update for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online). In order to prepare an easy process, you must use the information available on the topic. As a Dynamic system administrator, you can settle on the choice when you need to install Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) service updates for your business.

Microsoft Social Engagement

The admin of your company will be notified through email regarding the particular time of your update to the latest version. The updates will automatically happen and then Microsoft will send many reminded through the communication means along with the details like schedule updated ways.

Dynamics Marketing

Being a customer-driven update process, it gives you complete control over new updates of Dynamics marketing. This will be rolled out for your company. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is an effective online service, its role is to keep all the technical details updated with the latest fixes and features that are handled by Microsoft Support. Although, the process of the update will cause a little downtime that is less than 30 minutes and organization’s users also need some time to get familiar with the new features. The notification will be sent in advance through email and are able to manage the roll-out schedule for your company’s dynamic marketing update so you ensure that the updates would not cause in the middle of important campaign or event.

Dynamic 365 online updates Testing

It is always advised to test and preview latest versions in a sandbox (non-production) environment prior updating the instances of your live production. This will offer you a prospect to verify the customizations compatibility that any third party customization has installed or you may have made. Also, testing permits you to access the effect of latest changes on your users as well as on your organization.

How to know if your organization is ready for the new update?

Administrators of Dynamics Marketing will be informed of the latest updates by any application or by any email. At the times of update schedule, Dynamics Marketing shows a notification bar to all the users and update announcement will be made. It also provides a link to the page of update option. This notification bar will be shown until the update has been accomplished.


For organizations, keeping them updated with Dynamic 365 is very essential. Dynamic Marketing sends an email to every specified address on the page of Update options, ninety days prior to update becomes available. The main aim is to inform administrators and other important personnel about the availability of the update and offering them useful links and information regarding the update.

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