5 Tips To Stay Healthy As A Gamer

Hardcore gamers are some of the most dedicated people out there. So much so that they sometimes can let their good health get away from them as they are too involved in their game.

Professional gamers especially.

To be able to play games either competitively or just as a hobby, you do need to be healthy. Just to be a healthy person is enough of a reason, but you will also see your gaming improved when you are in good condition.

To stay focused, have the stamina for long gaming sessions and make good decisions in-game, are all great reasons to stay in good form.

In this article, I will give you several tips on how to better take care of yourself so you can be a healthy gamer. So, set yourself up in your battle station, buy LoL accounts for you and your friends and read on for the guide!


Focus on diet

Garbage in, garbage out. What works as a mantra in programming also applies to your diet.

You don’t need to go find the perfect trend diet like keto or paleo or anything like that. When I say diet I just mean focus on eating healthy foods and cut out the junk. You have to know what a healthy meal looks like though.

Try to eat as many whole foods as possible. Even so-called “diet” foods and “low fat” are not what you should be looking at because they are also processed. Processed foods don’t make you healthy and can really slow you down. They also make you more hungry because they spike your insulin.

To have the stamina for a long gaming session, you need to eat lots of veggies, grains, nuts, and fruit and curb your carb intake.

For breakfast eat some fruit and authentic yogurt like the Greek style with some honey. Then have a handful of nuts for a mid-morning snack. For lunch saute some veg like broccoli and red bell peppers and serve it with a small piece of meat. In place of potatoes or pasta, try some grains like wheat berry salad or buckwheat.

Then for a mid-afternoon snack, some peanut butter on some crackers is good as long as you don’t eat too much. 

Dinner should be just some cheese and fruit with maybe a couple of slices of good bread. 

Eating like this sounds extreme, but you actually have lots of options and don’t have to cut out anything that you actually enjoy eating unless it’s processed. It is commonly referred to clean eating but you can also look up some articles on the Mediterranean diet to see how abundant that way of eating is.

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Get some exercise outside

Unless it is incredibly cold at the time, you should take your exercise outside. When you are gaming you spend way too much time indoors. You need to exercise, and going to the gym is not a bad idea. But, if you can combine fresh air with working out then you can get into a healthy state of mind as well as a physical one.

Even something as simple as taking a walk for thirty minutes per day outside will do wonders for your health. Fresh air will help you increase your energy thanks to the oxygen boost. This will help you build up the white blood cells that keep you from getting sick, too. 

Try stretching

Stretching your muscles will help increase your blood flow to all your limbs and bring oxygen throughout your body. 

Yoga is the best way to do these stretching exercises, especially for gamers. Sitting in the same position all day is hard on your muscles. Doing yoga will stretch them out and keep you limber.

Not only that, but yoga is the best exercise for focus. It helps keep your mind clear so you can stay calm and concentrated. Ideal for making good decisions when gaming. 

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Get social

Yes, we know. Gaming is inherently social. You have a group of friends that you enjoy spending time online and there is nothing wrong with that.

If you don’t spend any time socializing with people outside your home, then you are limiting yourself and not staying mentally sharp. 

Having a conversation in person about a variety of subjects can keep your mind clear and focused in ways that an online chat while gaming cannot do. You may feel like you can talk about anything with your gaming friends online, but in person, there is a much wider subject matter.

You are also solely focused on the conversation so you have your full attention on what the other person is saying. You’re not trying to avoid being shot while also listening to what your friend is saying.

If you are on a healthy path, then invite your friends along for the journey and cook healthy meals together. Things like this will keep you much healthier.

Keep your teeth in good shape

Hygiene, in general, gets put on the backburner at times when you are spending a lot of time in the house. If you are eating loads of junk food then your teeth might not be in great shape.

And our teeth are very much tied to our overall health. If you have cavities you are at risk of a tooth infection which can bring a whole host of other health problems to the table.

Make sure that you are flossing after every meal and snack and brushing twice per day. I know some gamers who keep a bottle of Listerine on their desk and swig and swish a few times a day thinking that is enough. It isn’t. Make sure to get to the dentist a couple of times per year for cleanings and checkups.

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Take care of your health and your body and mind will take care of you. You will feel so much better and that alone is reason enough. 

You’ll also see massive improvements in your gaming when you are more focused and feeling good. 

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