If there’s one thing to prepare for when you’re expecting a little bundle of joy, it’s the shopping that comes with it! Babies require certain types of furniture and items far different form what us adults need, which is why it’s time to start preparing and designing their baby nursery for both style, comfort, and convenience.

With that being said, what are the essentials your baby needs for their nursery? It isn’t just about having the quality crib and pretty colors! You’re going to need to make a list and know what exactly to buy to save time and money.

Wondering how to begin the shopping spree? I show you what to buy when having a newborn baby!

Once you learn that you’re pregnant, one thing’s for sure: You will need a lot of new stuff to nurture your baby! With the millions of baby products to purchase, I filter it down to the top seven to avoid being overwhelmed:

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are one of the cutest and most exciting purchases to make. However,don’t be swayed by those designer clothes your baby will grow out of! Instead, make a list of the basic clothing your baby needs to avoid overspending. Go for:

  • Special outfit when going home
  • Basic clothing layettes
  • Winter coats and swimsuits
  • Sun or winter hats
  • Onesies and comfortable sleeping clothes
  • Gentle detergents when laundering your baby’s clothes

The Nursery Basics

If you’re having a difficult time figuring out what you need to invest in for your baby’s nursery, here are the basics you would usually find in most of a baby’s special rooms (besides wall decor or rugs that match your home’s style):

  • Baby crib
  • Crib bedding and mattress
  • Waterproof mattress pads
  • Diaper changing table
  • Dresser or other forms of clothing storage
  • Diaper pail
  • Laundry bag
  • Toy chest
  • Rocking chair (for soothing your baby and for relaxing YOU!)

    Baby Care and Baths

Unfortunately, that aromatic baby smell you can’t get enough of won’t last long. That’s why you’re ring to need to wash the messes your newborns make! Here are the bath supplies you need:

  • Baby bathtub or an insert for your bathtub or sink
  • Baby body wash and shampoo
  • Baby-safe lotion
  • Soft baby towels
  • Soft washcloths
  • Nail clippers for your baby
  • Nasal aspirator
  • Rectal thermometer
  • Baby-safe sunscreen

Feeding Your Newborn

A lot of mothers would breastfeed their little ones but you will need more gear than you think. This goes the same for those who opt to bottle-feed their little ones. This is a full list but what you need depends on the feeding method you’ll use:

  • Support pillow for breast-feeding
  • Breast pump
  • Nursing bra and breast pads
  • Lanolin cream for your nipples
  • Bottles and nipples
  • Dishwasher basket and drying rack for baby bottles
  • Storage containers for breast milk
  • Bottle brush
  • Bibs and burp cloths
  • Sterilizers for pacifiers and bottles
  • baby formula

Diaper Changes

When your baby eats, where does it come out? You’re going to need some supplies for the many diaper changes you’ll be making, such as:

  • Disposable or cloth diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Diaper bag
  • Soft diaper mat

Make sure that you choose the appropriate size and quality diapers suitable for your baby. The type depends on your preference.

Sooth and Entertain Your Baby

Babies will cry and require soothing and entertainment to calm them down (because feeding doesn’t help sometimes!). Plus, you’ll want something your baby can learn from. Here are some toys to invest in to help stimulate your baby’s mind:

  • Baby swing
  • Pacifiers
  • Baby bouncer
  • Swaddling basket
  • Play gym or mat
  • Small rattles and soft toys (not call enough to eat)
  • Baby mobile

Travel Gear

Last but not the least; your little one will need some travel gear when going out! Here are things to consider investing in:

  • Car seat
  • Baby carrier
  • Stroller or travel system
  • Diaper bags with a diaper and wipe casing
  • Portable play yard
  • Toys your baby can play with during the ride

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Wrapping It Up

You don’t need to purchase everything you see in the store to prepare for your baby’s nursery. As long as you have the essentials and know what to choose for durability and functionality, then you won’t have any problem raising your little one in their prepared room.

You can use this article on what to buy when having a newborn baby as a starting point to making your shopping list for the future. So don’t wait any longer and do your research, reading up on purchasing guides and expert info from babys.reviews or other reputable blogs today.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on shopping for your newborn, then comment below. I would love to hear what you have to think.


By Diksha Yadav

Diksha Yadav is software developer with 4+ year experience in .NET and C#. She is senior developer and team leader in MNC and part-time blogger. She has enjoyed numerous assignments with the Company including automotive testing.

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