How to Remove Scratches from Leather Sofas

Leather Couch or Sofas is a trend that is increasingly gaining strength in our rooms. However, keeping them as perfect as the first day is usually quite complicated, especially if you have children or pets in the house. If we are not careful or follow constant maintenance you will need repairs that can be quite expensive, so here we offer some tips to remove scratches and cuts of this type of furniture yourself.


First Important thing Leather Patch Kit

Before using any tool, cut out what about threads in the cut.

The leather patch kit brings a piece of cloth that you must place inside the cut so that the chair filling is not visible and stretching it with the spatula so that it is not wrinkled inside.

  • With a pen or marker, draw the cut on the paper that comes with the kit.
  • Apply the glue and fill in the cut.
  • Wait for the indicated time to dry.
  • Look for the color of the armchair among the dyes that are in the kit and if you do not get the exact color of your armchair you can match it in the way indicated in the instructions, applying a bit of another color to reach the necessary tone.
  • To verify if the tone is correct, apply a little on a place on the sofa and remove it with a napkin.
  • Apply the mixture obtained at the place of the cut by means of the spatula taking care not to spread too much. Remove excess with a cloth.
  • Apply the heat on the paper, with the kit tool for the specified time.
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Deep Scratches and Holes

As in the previous case, it is very important to clean the area thoroughly to facilitate the glue to take effect. When you have the clean area, cut a patch of a size slightly larger than the hole to put it inside the leather couch, this patch will serve to reinforce the area of ​​the filling and where the glue will go.

Make sure the patch is made of flat material and smooth it well, using tweezers for example, when you place it, but the end result will be very unnatural lumps. Use the leather glue to glue the leather couch to the edges of the hole and allow about 20 minutes to dry naturally.

Determine the Severity of the Break

To know how serious the broken leather armchair is, verify the depth and length, it is necessary that you know the level because that will depend on the form of repair you are going to use.

Leather couch cleaning

Before proceeding with the repair, you should mainly clean the chair, for this use a microfiber cloth and remove the dust from the surface by passing it circularly throughout the furniture. Dampen a cotton ball or those you need in alcohol and run it around the armchair in a circular way, especially in the place of the broken one. It is good that you know that if the chair is not cleaned properly, some of the products used for repair may not work as they should or may not adhere well.

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Repair Tiny Cuts in Leather

If this is the damage that your leather chair has, it is very easy to fix it, by means of liquid leather. Its application has no science but to sand the place and apply the product as a paste with a spatula on top of the broken one until it is covered. When drying, it must be sanded again so that it is at the same height as the leather, and to unify the color apply a bit of leather dye of the same color as the sofa. As you can see the result is very good, and whenever you do it with patience and choose the exact color of your sofa, you will get a finish in which then it will cost you to differentiate the place of damage with the other places of the armchair. In the end hydrate the leather with the product you want, you can use snow cream.

Repair Small but Long Cuts in the Skin

If your armchair has a larger broken one and you think it cannot be repaired through liquid leather, use leather glue as follows.

Glue the edges with the glue by means of a stick by applying a little glue on each end of the cut. With your hands press until you join the two parts. Depending on your type of glue, you can use sandpaper when it dries to remove excess surface or just a napkin before it dries. In the end, if you consider it necessary you can apply a thin layer of liquid leather and completely cover the broken one, in the same way, explained above.

If you do not consider liquid leather necessary, directly apply the leather dye of the same color as the armchair. When the dye dries you can place a finish in the painted place to shine and take care of the material. Wait for the drying time specified in the instructions.

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Fix deep cuts in leather

For this type of cut, a patch that can be placed inside it is necessary since this will prevent the filling from being visible and reinforces the repair. This procedure can be done as follows:

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