Best Places To Live In The US If You Want To Be An Outdoors Influencer

An influencer is becoming a viable business as people look to ordinary people to follow and trust them to give them good advice. People with a certain interest will look to these influencers to feel part of a community and to have somebody to guide them.

This is why it is really important for an influencer to have a particular niche that they work within and will attract followers based on this. One of the best ways to be an influencer is to be in the outdoor niche. It lends itself to lots of great photos to post on Instagram that will gain you a lot of attention

Living in an area that has loads of outdoor possibilities that also make great pictures is something that can make your career as an influencer much easier. In this article, I will go over some of the best places in the US where you can live to make a great career being an outdoors influencer. 



Utah doesn’t get that much attention and is very much flying under the radar of many outdoor influencers. Which means it is the ideal place for you to make a name for yourself.

The nature in Utah ranges from stark desert to Alpine scenery in mountain ranges. There are stunning valleys with rivers and mirror lakes and everything in between. You’ll need to have a good vehicle to get to some of the more off-the-beaten-path locations so a trip to a Hyundai dealership in Utah should be one of your first stops to get yourself a good pickup or SUV.

Then, you have access to all of the natural wonders of Utah that will have you stand out in a big way.

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The Pacific Northwest is another paradise for the outdoors types. And the reason is the diversity of the area. You can be exploring a volcano one day and swimming along the coast the next. It is great for boaters, hikers, and even ice climbers. 

The different types of natural settings make for a very rich social media presence that is far from ordinary. This is the key to attracting a following and keeping it since you are not doing a lot of repetitive content. This keeps people interested and inspired. 


Back in the 90s, Montana became a very popular spot for people interested in the outdoors, particularly fly fishermen. This was due to the popular movie A River Runs Through It with Brad Pitt. It certainly put Montana on the map for people that love to get away from it all.

Since there is not much attention paid to Montana it is a good place to make a name for yourself as well. Since this is a big destination for fly fishermen, this is a logical niche to be involved in. Especially since they do tend to spend a lot of money on their hobby. 

There are also a lot of winter sports available like snowshoeing and even exploring trails on skimobile. If you like cross country skiing then you will love having lots of trails available. 


When you think of outdoor adventures, Michigan might not really jump to mind. However, it is a hidden gem with a ton of outdoor adventures to be had. 

There is really something for everybody here with the exceptions of skiing and mountain climbing. However, some of the best hunting in the country is on your doorstep when you live in Michigan. And because it is so popular there, you have outfitters who can get you out in the wild to hunt so you don’t have to worry about being new there. Plus there is a ready-made community of other hunting enthusiasts that you can connect with.

Then there are the Great Lakes that are really underappreciated by the rest of the country. There is plenty to explore by boat with lots of interesting coastline and even some small islands to hop around to. Plus, there is some fantastic fishing for walleye and even salmon. 

Some of the coastlines look like it is straight out of the Caribbean with turquoise waters and trees that sit right at the waterline. If you want to make something different but beautiful on Instagram then this is a good way to stand out since not many people realize how beautiful the Michigan coastline is. Plus, Michigan has more lighthouses than anywhere else in the US so you also have some great photo making opportunities there. 

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The US is such a big country yet many influencers are all taking the same pictures of all the same places. If you want to break away and make a name for yourself then any of the destinations listed above will put you on the outdoors adventure map. 

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