Staying in Bangalore? Here’s why it’s the Right Time to Relocate to Koramangala

You’ve packed your bags and moved to Bangalore for that dream job or college opportunity and are now soaking in the exciting vibe of a new city. Friends and family have given you a host of suggestions – from what to do to how to go about living here. And this also includes a lot of confusing yet important advice on where to live. As a city that continues to attract thousands of migrants each year and has pretty much seen rapid growth on the back of this movement, Bangalore offers a lot of options for all pockets and choices. 

From posh localities like Indiranagar, MG Road, Electronic City, HSR Layout and Jayanagar to more moderate ones like Bannerghatta, Whitefield and Sarjapur, there are many places where you can consider staying as a pg in Bangalore. But if we were to suggest a location that covers a whole range of needs – convenience, access, environment, and cost, it has to be Koramangala, hands-down. 

So, here are some of the top reasons why you should move to Koramangala for the best ‘Bangalore experience’.


Cosmopolitan Vibe:

Koramangala developed at the cusp of huge migrant movement to Bangalore and as such the fabric of the place is built through an interesting demographic of students, working professionals, well-heeled Bangalore residents, which give the place a young and vibrant vibe. The place has been a hotpot of influences – from the rise of stand-up comedy networks to the development of new start-ups, from cultural influences to leading new-age thinking in the city, Koramangala offers rich experiences to people, attracting an eclectic crowd to its various haunts.

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Location and Accessibility:

With prestigious educational institutes like Christ College, St. John’s Medical College, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, etc, Koramangala is a key education hub in the city. It is also a well-appointed commercial location where shopping arcades, including the famous Forum Mall, retailers, restaurants, and offices abound. The area thus has a wide range of amenities to fulfill the daily living needs of students and professionals alike. Further, with many transport options, well-planned and safe residential areas, and good connectivity with most of the major locations of the city, like Electronic City, Hosur Road, Intermediate Ring Road, Airport Road, it is a top choice for rental accommodations. 

An abundance of Rental Accommodation to Suit all Pockets:

From independent flats to PGs of all sizes, Koramangala has options for all kinds of tenants. Some of these are well-appointed PGs in Koramangala that also provide amenities like food, housekeeping, and security features like CCTV cameras and guards. In some accommodation, there is also some value add services like internet facility, electricity back-up, and water purifiers. For those looking to live independently, there are spacious flats on offer.

But over the years, Koramangala as a prime location has become more expensive due to high demand. Also, it has seen the rise of the unsavory Bangalore development – landlords charging exorbitant deposit (at times 6 months equivalent of rent in advance!). There is also the peculiar but typical landlord preference for family/couple tenants as opposed to bachelors that make the search for good rental accommodation a challenge. 

Today, professionally-managed accommodation companies like Stanza Living are present in Koramangala that offer a balance of value and budget with their fully-managed rental accommodations. From furnished spaces to food, housekeeping, Wifi, laundry, and high-tech infrastructure, such all-inclusive propositions allow you to keep a tab on monthly expenses. There is also no broker or landlord to deal with for any of your living needs. Further, with a high focus on community living, they have created opportunities for residents to interact, engage, and unwind with like-minded peers. They host social events like music nights, gaming sessions, movie outings, brand samplings as well as offer deals and discounts with local salons and cafes.

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So if you have been wanting to stay in Koramangala but were dissuaded by a lack of options, you know now why it’s the right time to move here. 

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