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If you want to promote your brand on social media, you are probably wondering: how do I get more Instagram Followers?

The answer is not easy. There are billions of people using Instagram, and more than 33% of the users log on to the platform several times per day. Most of them already have a significant number of accounts that they follow. So, how do you make them add yours to their lists of “following” profiles? Here are 10 techniques to teach you how to attract more free Instagram followers


Bring together your other social media accounts

Even if Instagram attracts 500 million people every day, it does not mean that everyone in the world is on the platform. You can appeal to users of other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter by promoting your Insta posts on your other social media accounts.

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Invest in Instagram Ads

Instagram seems like an approachable marketing tool that you can use for free. However, if you choose to invest in Instagram Ads you can boost your chances of attracting new followers significantly. Start with a small budget of just a few bucks per week and see how many more users you can reach. In time, you can increase your investment and enhance your online visibility.

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Build up a recognizable theme

You can stand out in the crowd by creating a recognizable theme for your account. You can easily do so by using the same filter, colors, and mood for every photo you post. In time, your profile will develop a unique appearance that will appeal to both your loyal followers and to new users on your page.

Use Video content

Social media experts from InstaGrowing recommend that using more video content over photos can bring in more followers to your profile. There is a current trend that sees more and more users appreciate videos over standard photography.

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Use more Instagram Stories

Instagram users have developed a passion for the Stories feature. Some of them do not even scroll down through their feed and only look at the stories of the people they follow whenever they log in on the network. Use more Insta stories to appeal to this category of followers.

Tag influencers in your posts

An excellent technique of attracting more followers to your Instagram account is to tag influencers in your posts. Users who look up content by using the name of major influencers can easily find your profile and choose to follow you if you post relevant content with their queries.

Post-user-generated content

Once your brand reaches a certain level of notoriety on Instagram, you may ask your followers to create content that is relevant to your business. You can even set up a contest in this regard and post the user-generated content that wins it. This strategy will increase user loyalty and make sure that you do not easily lose your followers in the long run.

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Communicate with your followers

Instagram allows for easy communication between companies and consumers. No matter how big a brand is, you can always ask them a question regarding their products and services, and they will respond. You should answer all your followers’ queries on your posts to show that you value their business.

Team up with other content creators

Look for other content creators in your niche and propose to them a short-term collaboration. Even if they are your direct competition, you can still come up with highly engaging content that should appeal to both your audiences. This technique is a great way of swapping followers and enlarging your database of potential customers.

Include giveaway promotions

Last, but not least, when everything else fails you can always give stuff away for free to lure in more Instagram followers. You can easily do so by setting up giveaway promotions and reward those who take part in it with various products and services that your company has to offer.

Instagram is the most popular social media platform. While Instagram is can promote with big-time influencers, brands, and businesses, that’s why so many users invest in an Instagram growth service to help them increase their followers.

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