How to Overcome Alcoholism

Overcoming alcoholism is a struggle for many people. Alcohol becomes a part of someone, it invades their mind and body and causes damage to who they are and damage to their loved ones. Unfortunately, most of us know someone who suffers from alcoholism, and most of us have watched what it can do to someone. As a daughter to a mother who suffered most of her life from alcoholism, I know what it is like to see someone fall and hit rock bottom. However, many people are able to crawl out of the dark pit they find themselves in and create a new life, a happy life, and an alcohol-free life. There are techniques and procedures that can help you overcome alcoholism. There is no need to wait until you have hit as low as you can go. By getting help today you can alter your future for the better.

Do I really have a drinking problem?

So many people struggle in the beginning to accept that they have a drinking problem. There are many people who live years in denial because they are afraid to accept that they could be dependent on alcohol. Without acknowledging that there is a problem, you can never take the right steps to overcome alcoholism. Check out this article to see if you may have a drinking problem.

Can I really stop drinking?

Once you have accepted that you are dependent on alcohol, the next step is to decide if you want to stop or not. Sitting down with a piece of paper and adding up the cost of your alcohol addiction and by laying out the strain it has put on your family relations, you can see the problem more clearly. By making a list of pros and cons you can put a visual to the damage alcohol is causing in your life. It is important, to be honest when making these lists. These lists are for you and there is no reason to hide behind the truth. Without confronting this addiction honestly, recovery is impossible.

Setting goals, quit dates, and vocalizing your plans to others.

This is an important step. Deciding if you want to stop altogether or just cut back on your drinking can help you set goals for what your plans are. Put into perspective what you think you truly need to accomplish to get your life back. By setting a date to quit, you can prepare for the future. Be sure to vocalize this date to friends and family so they can be there to ensure you stick to the goals. It is vital for recovery that you adhere to the quit date.

Alcohol withdrawal

Depending on the severity of your addiction and the number of years you have been drinking, you may need to find a safe way to detox. Many people who have been heavy drinkers for years require medical supervision during the withdrawal stage. It is important that if you feel you need medical attention during this stage, you seek it out. Some symptoms of alcohol withdrawal include:

  • Shaking
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Restlessness
  • Sweating

You can find more symptoms and signs of alcohol withdrawal by visiting

Seeking Help

Finding programs such as AA is vital to the recovery of alcoholism. By creating an environment full of people who are also struggling, you can efficiently retreat from those who drink in your previous life. It is important to stick to the meetings. The meetings are your number one resource for support and reassurance. If you are in the Palm Springs area, simply google “Palm Beach alcoholics anonymous” to find a support network to occupy your time.

While success rates of AA have been hard to pinpoint, an individual participating in this program can succeed if they want to.

Friends and Family Support

Be sure to vocalize early one with your family. Your family is another support system. These people can be supportive when you are not at the meetings and will help you stick to and obtain the goals you have set for yourself. By sharing the personal aspects of what you are going through with your family, they can get an inside look at the exact help you require. Keeping them in the dark will only cause worry, heartache, and instances of failure.

You can always find help if you want it. Alcoholism is a very serious disease. By getting help immediately, you not only help yourself but you help your family, friends and people who will require help in the future. When you have overcome your own alcoholism, you can become part of the AA support staff and share your own struggles with someone who is going through a similar situation.


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