Top 5 Tourist attraction in kyoto

Kyoto is an ancient city in Japan. It is actually one of the largest and most popular cities that attract tourists from every corner of the globe. There is a lot that you can explore in this historic city. This ranges from historic monuments, shrines, museums, forests, and temples. Since there are many tourist attraction sites in Kyoto, here are some of the best ones from among the long list. If this is your first visit, ensure that you don’t miss out on any of these sites. For more information on things that you can do in Kyoto, find it all here at Kyoto attractions.


Kinkakuji Temple

This is definitely one place that you should not miss on your visit to Japan. Kinkakuji temple is a renown landmark in Japan. This temple is popularly referred to as the Golden Pavilion. It is built on the side of a lake and is surrounded by very beautiful gardens. There are three floors on the building and two upper floors are adorned with a gold leaf roof. It’s such a nice and quiet place that you can spend some quality time relaxing and unwinding. There is even a teahouse where you can enjoy a cup of green tea.

Sagano bamboo forest

Sagano bamboo forest is for those who like having a feel of nature. It’s an excellent place to take a nature walk as you marvel at all the beauty around you. You can even bring a camera along and take some nice pictures that will capture this lifetime memory. There are tall swaying trees and magnificent cool pathways that you will find along the way as you take your walk. There is plenty to explore here including the Nonomiya shrine where there is a tortoise stone. Go early if you do not want to find the forest already crowded with other tourists.

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Nishiki market

The locals have nicknamed Nishiki market as Kyoto’s kitchen. This is because when it comes to food, you can find all of it here. There are over a hundred shops with all types of Japanese foods including traditional dishes. So if you want to do some food tasting of the Japanese cuisines this is the place to be.

Philosopher’s path

This is the perfect place to reflect and just talk a walk. The path runs along a canal and is as short as two miles. As you walk on the philosopher’s path you may actually pass a few shrines and temples on the way. It makes a good starting point if you want to visit the temples and shrines that are nearby. On the sides of the walkway, there are cherry trees that give this area scenic and beautiful appearance.

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Fushimi-Inari Taisha shrine

This is definitely a must visit. The shrine was built in dedication to the goddess of rice growing. The main building which is the shrine has a 4 kilometers avenue that is lined with bright orange arches. The site is also highlighted by sculptures of foxes that are believed to be the gods messengers. Best time to visit is at night.

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