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If you are fascinated by 3D printing, but you are not following the technology development in this field, then you might be happy to hear that 3D printers are not the only way to create magnificent 3D structures from the comfort of your own home. Nowadays the market offers something called a ‘3D Printing Pen’. These pens look almost like an ordinary pen, but there is one major difference – instead of using ink, they use various types of plastic that can be used to create 3D forms. The amazing thing about 3D pens is that they provide both inexperienced and experienced artists with the ability to turn their 2D art into unique 3D shapes that can serve as a great indoor decoration, or as a product that can be sold. Regardless of the purpose, you use your 3D pen-created art for, you can rest assured that the final result will stun everybody!

But why buy a 3D printing pen instead of a 3D printer? Well, the answer is quite simple – the latter is used by tech-savvy people who want to create shapes and forms accurate to the millimeter, while the 3D pen is more fit for artists who want to quit drawing for a bit to give something new a try. In short, using a 3D printer is not artistic, but using a 3D pen is as creative as it gets.

Having a 3D pen is not expensive since both the devices and the materials used are relatively cheap. They require little to no maintenance, and they consume an insignificant amount of electricity (usually powered via USB or adapter). If these reasons are not convincing enough to get you to buy a 3D printing pen, then let us present you the top three reasons why you should use a 3D printing pen.

It is an Easy Way to Create 3D Objects

How would you proceed if you wanted to create 3D art a few years ago? You would have to either learn sculpting with clay or master wood carving skills – both of these things take a lifetime to learn, and they cost a lot of money. However, nowadays you can explore your 3D artistic side by simply buying a pen which instantly allows you to experiment with various 3D shapes and objects. You can start slow and gradually increase the complexity of the objects you make. Do not forget that there are countless tutorials on how to use a 3D printing pen properly, so you can get first-hand advice on how to achieve the best possible results. Using a 3D printing pen is so easy, that even kids can use them to doodle 3D shapes.

It Is Cheap, Rewarding, and Entertaining

An entry-level 3D printer would cost you over $600, while you can get your hands on a decent 3D printing pen for less than $100. Furthermore, the plastic materials used by 3D pens cost less, and you can usually get a few projects done with $20 worth of material (depending on the complexity of the task). The best bit is that using a 3D pen is all about experimenting and learning – you may struggle a bit at the start, but you will see that gradually your shapes will be better and sharper until, eventually, you end up realizing that you have gotten very good at using a 3D pen.

Take Advantage of a Teaching and Artistic Experience

A 3D printing pen enables you to experience art in a whole new way. The 3D pen is fun for both kids and adults, and it is an unmatched way to turn your ideas into a 3D object to impress everyone. Imagine how your child would feel if instead of using crayons and markers, they suddenly get a chance to turn their ideas into 3D shapes that can be touched and rotated. While 3D printing is only for adults with technical and modeling skills, 3D pens are suitable for everyone.

Regardless if art is your profession or a hobby, you are guaranteed to find 3D printing pens fascinating. These simple devices are cheap, easy to operate, and they bring a broad range of new art opportunities to you.

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