There are numerous websites today and getting the right amount of traffic to each site has become a daunting task. However, there is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools that guess keywords that potential guests to your website are likely to enter in a search engine. That notwithstanding, SEO tools attempt to work out ways to ensure that your site has high ranking. When your site has a higher SEO ranking, the more likely potential visitors will click on your site. Therefore, it is imperative to have yourself the best SERP tracker tool to keep your rankings high amidst other competitors.

This guide will list 5 top SEO tools that you can find today.

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Serpstat SEO Toolkit

SEMrush is an effective tool that has an elaborate dashboard that allows you to view the summary of the domains that you manage plus comprehensive keyword analysis reports. This is an SEO tool that lets you compare your performance to that of your competitors’ pages and your ranking. Using this tool, you can easily scrutinize backlinks from your competitors’ site to yours. SEMrush has a domain overview that lets you see other websites’ SEO strategies. It lets you identify certain keywords that your competition has targeted. Additionally, you can analyze the performance of your domains on mobile and desktop gadgets. It also has traffic analytics that lets you assess the main source of your competitor’s traffic.

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Google Webmaster Tools

Out of the many SEO tools, Google Webmaster Tools ranks among the top. This is a tool that is best known for site analysis. Once you log into your Google Webmaster Tools account, you will see a dashboard that lets you access certain sections. These include links to your site, search queries, keywords, crawl errors, and sitemaps. Search queries are an effective section that lets you see the keywords that led visitors to your website. You can also see where your backlinks emanate from by clicking on the links to your site section. This allows you to negate bad links that could harm your ratings.

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Majestic SEO Tools

This is another impressive SEO tool that has Site Explore as one of its main function. This is a feature that directs your URL to provide you with top backlinks, summary, top pages, and referring domains. Users have the option to choose the Fresh Index or the Historic Index to run the report on your domain, the sub-domain, or the page. The Fresh Index provides you with information that is crawled and updated all through the day. On the other hand, the Historic Index provides you with everything in history for a website. This tool has a free version and other paid packages whose price ranges from £29.99 ($39.99) to £250 ($333.33). The paid plans offer you useful features like a record of referring domains and IP’s, plus a bulk backlink checker.


This is yet another effective SEO tool that is ideal for competition research. Interestingly, this is a free SEO tool that is quite easy to download and install. It is a browser extension that pulls up a lot of the page’s data. You can install it as an add-on for Opera, Firefox, and Safari, or as a Google Chrome extension. A notable feature that places it among the top SEO tool is its ability to carry out an elaborate comparison of your website against that of your competitors. That notwithstanding, it can check internal and external links. The metrics that it displays include the number of external links, SEMrush rank, Google index, domain page, and Alexa rank among others.

SEO Spider

The SEO Spider is a website crawler. It lets you crawl different URLs to collect major onsite elements to assess onsite SEO. You can either purchase a license or download the free version. The free version, however, is a bit limited. When you purchase the license, you get some additional features. You can rely on it to crawl both large and small sites, plus it collects adequate data to enable SEOs to make knowledgeable decisions. This tool has numerous features that allow you to find broken links, audit redirects, analyze page title and Meta Data, discover duplicate content, generate XML sitemaps, Review robots and directives, extract data with XPath, and integrate with Google analytics.


SEO tools have now become an integral part of websites because of the benefits that they bring to the table. The aforementioned small SEO tools are some of the best today. You can easily rely on them to take your business to the next level by bringing in a lot of traffic to your site. These tools let you optimize your site to get higher SEO rankings, plus they give you a competitive edge against other sites. Moreover, they give you access to data that you could use to your advantage.

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