4 Ways to Boost your Mobile App Downloads

Boost your Mobile App Downloads

So, you have developed an app that you want to release on the store. It has got a perfect user interface with a catchy icon, and the niche is unique, which means there’s a little competition. But, you need to wait and follow some steps to ensure that the app comes into the attention of the masses.

A creative idea for building an app won’t really bring it the success. For the app to be considered successful, it must have considerable downloads. But this does not happen with every great app out there. You can even make some real money once it gets enough downloads. Here are a few easy ways to make it happen.

Soft Launch your App

As the name suggests, it is a launch method in which a product is released for a limited number of people. Even if a mobile app is not as big of a product as a car or any other thing for that matter, negative feedback can disrupt your business.

Soft Launch your App Tell Me How

Launching this way, you can ensure that you get the necessary data to improve the app, if needed, before the final release. Because of the customers that stretch your app to the limits, you get to know the positive and negative aspects of it.

Improve the App Store Optimization

You might be aware of the term SEO. Now, here is ASO. These two are quite similar, but the latter has even better results on the app listing than what the former has on the Google search results. ASO is the key to increasing the discoverability of your app on the marketplace.

Improve the App Store Optimization Tell Me How

User reviews, number of downloads, backlinks, app retention are the primary parameters that impact the ASO of your mobile application. A user will download an app only if he gets to see it on the chart. So, you must not ignore this important step.

Bring it on other platforms online

Once your app is on the market, don’t limit it to the store only. A website is where you can start. Now you might be thinking about the financial expenditure, just in case you need to hire a web developer for the same. Well, you can use a free website builder to get it done, without paying anything.

Bring it on other platforms online Tell Me How

The SiteSonic website builder is one of the tools that you can use to design your website even if you do not know any programming or whatever. Not just through a website, you can promote it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Make sure you don’t only post the information, but interact with the visitors as well.

Keep it free when you start

People don’t spend money on the applications they know nothing about. To attract customers to your product, you must keep it for free in the store. Even if not drastic, it has an impact on the number of downloads that the application gets.

Keep it free when you start Tell Me How

If it works fine for the users, they’ll certainly rate it good, and this actually helps in getting the app listed on the top in the app store. If it is already a paid one, make it free for some time to make people curious about your app. This is how you get the number of downloads increased.


It does not matter how much invested in designing a unique app unless you do not put some efforts into promoting it in the end. Users install the apps that are known to them; they don’t invest time in searching the ones that take a lot of effort to be found.

Remember, money is not the only thing that can bring success. Using some of the free ideas and tools can do wonders if appropriately applied. Keep in touch with your users to maintain the customer retention, which is necessary for a mobile app to be successful as well.

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