Quality Backlinks building is definitely the most significant skill in SEO. An ideal combination of several skills, it offers great value to your website. In order to make people link to your website, you should master sales, content, programming, and marketing. Link building will increase search engine traffic to your website.

Here’s a guide to help you build high quality backlinks:

Understanding Backlinks

Also referred to as inbound links, these are incoming links to a web page or site. Quality and quantity of inbоund linkѕ will have a direct impact on your search engine rankings.

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Primary tуреѕ оf backlinks include:

  • One-way bасklinkѕ
  • Rесiрrосаl backlinks
  • Directory Links
  • Article Links
  • Guest Blogging Links
  • Blog Comment Links
  • Forum Comment Links
  • Social Bookmark Links
  • Web 2.0 Links
  • Press Release Links
  • (.GOV) and (.EDU) Links
  • Links from Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

Perfect Backlinks

If you wish to have a perfect backlink, then it should have the following features:

  • Quality – Backlinks should be sourced from a high-quality website. Quality of backlink is determined by Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA). These scores are developed by Moz. MajesticSEO possesses two scores which foretell the quality of the domain. These are also referred to as Citation Flow and Trust Flow.
  • Relevancy – Backlinks should come from a website relevant to your niche.
  • Contextually – Experts recommend having natural, contextual links in website and blog content as compared to other types of links such as banner ads links, footer links etc.

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Content-Based Link Building

Here, you need to focus on creating very high-quality piece of content to attract target audience. You can use several types of content such as relevant to your business. After creating high-quality assets relevant to your niche, it is time to reach out to those individuals who are interested in the content. Those whom you reach will link back to your content once they found it relevant. After some time, people will link back to you automatically.

Guest Blogging

The process involves reaching out to other webmasters to know they will publish your content on their website or blog. The technique is a very effective way in earning links. Here, you need to focus on having high-quality content relevant to your niche written professionally by SEO companies or Experts. Also make sure videos and images integrated wherever applicable.

Ego Bait

This type of link building is a process of featuring or mentioning about a website or webmaster in your content. This is to be mentioned on a special section of the website. This will make the blog owners feel obliged to share content they got featured in.

Broken Link Building

The technique involves locating and then replacing broken links on most of the relevant websites. This is a popular practice that helps webmasters fix broken links via providing a better alternative for them to link to.

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Link Reclamation

The process fixes or “reclaims” links that point to your site, but couldn’t give SEO value or once pointed at your website. You can fix or redirect the ‘Not Found Pages (404)’ links that point to pages that do not exist on your site. You may even ask a professional webmaster to change the link.

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  1. Very helpful article. From my point, I would always suggest only the guest blogging. Because, it is the most powerful and stick links compared to other techniques as well

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