Tableau Developer Career Skills and certification

In today’s time, tableau has emerged out as a very powerful data visualization tool. The business intelligence industry is flourished with jobs for expert and skilled tableau developers. Most of the MNCs including TCS, IMB, Facebook, and Amazon, etc have already started using tableau for the analysis of data and bring out the actionable and positive insights from the data. 

Recent studies show that by the year 2020, the amount of data is going to be doubled up by the amount of data available today. Therefore, the demand for professionals is going to rise up who can work efficiently on this data. Therefore, choosing tableau as your career can be a beneficial step towards your bright future. To become a successful Tableau developer, you can enroll in Intellipaat’s Tableau training and read the given below steps carefully.

Now the major question comes in the mid- how can I become a tableau developer. Well, you will get an answer to it shortly. Let’s first take a look at the roles and responsibility of tableau developer.

Role of a Tableau Developer 

The major responsibility of a tableau developer is to come up with effective data visualization solutions in order to make sure that the businesses move on smoothly with maximum profits. The job includes the creation of dashboard based tableau reports along with the business intelligence reports and further participating in sessions to provide feedback on the system improvement. This job is best suited for people who have imaginative thinking, great problem-solving skills and have the ability to manage the work within deadlines.

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Skills required to become a tableau developer

  • You should possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT, business, or related areas.
  • Should be experienced in the development life cycle of the applications
  • Working knowledge of SQL
  • Strong analytical skills in order to analyze clients’ requirements.
  • Ability to create solutions that are innovative and help effectively is solving business problems.
  • Should have data architecture and micro strategy knowledge

Responsibilities of a Tableau developer

Based on organization to organization and sector to sector, the responsibilities of the tableau developer keep on differing. Some of the major responsibilities include:

  • Coming up with technical solutions

The main agenda of the tableau developer is to come up with an extravagant technical solution in accordance with the industry needs. This can be taken into being after careful consideration of the business requirements and finding innovative solutions.

  • Working with storage-based data tools

The tableau developer is responsible for the development of tools that can help to preserve the data which in other words is also known as online analytical processing


  • Making enhancements in systems

The tableau developer is responsible for the evaluation of the system and further making the improvements. You need to collaborate with other members and teams in order to get new systems with enhanced functionalities and features.

  • Conduction of various tests

Database queries are being created and further unit testing is performed in order to troubleshoot the issues and further analyze them. This step goes on throughout the development tasks.

  • Creation of documentation

This is one of the important tasks performed by tableau developer wherein the reports are being created for the projects being completed. Technical documents are created for further reference.

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Getting certified in tableau

In order to acquire the above-mentioned skills, it is good to get certified in tableau. This increases your chance to get selected as tableau developer. This will make you stand out of the crowd and is definitely a superb way to start the efficient learning process. In order to get certified, you can attend the tableau training which will make you improve your skills. 

Where to get the tableau certification course?

Well, now we have understood that taking up the tableau certification can be a really smart career choice. But another thing to note is that where you can get certified from. Although there are n numbers of institutes available in the whole country, Pune is a famous educational hub where you get excellent learning from experienced professionals. There are multiple institutes offering tableau training in Pune where learning is very smooth and in-depth. Thus, with the tableau certification come the credibility of the resume and hence the chances of getting selected in the interviews are increased.

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