How to change your career

If you are stuck in a job that you dislike and want to change your career, but have no idea where to start, all you need is a bit of forwarding planning. You’ll soon find yourself on the right track to making that amendment to your life.

Changing careers might just be the best thing you do this year, but that’s not to say that it won’t come with some challenges along the way. As you try to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life, the thought of changing jobs can seem extremely daunting. This is often what stops people from pursuing something else, especially if they’ve been in their job for many years or this is the only job they’ve ever known.

Other things you could be scared of include the change in salary, scared of what friends and family might think and even the status you will lose in your job that you have worked so hard to achieve. However, being happy in your job is vital, so don’t let fear stop you from achieving what you want.



If you keep a journal to write how you feel at work, you will be able to highlight which aspects of your current role you don’t like. This is important as you don’t want to change your career for another one to find a year down the line that you dislike the same things you didn’t like in your old role.

Have a Look At You

If you asses what your core interests are as well as what values and skills you have, this will enable you to research into what other roles you can do using these traits. If your values and skills are addressed at your current role, make sure you move onto another career where they are also appreciated and respected.

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Use as many resources as you can to brainstorm which direction you would like your career to go, such as the internet, libraries, and careers advisors. Also, talk to family and friends to work with them to list ideas that would be suitable for you as these are the people that know you the best, therefore know what you are capable of.

Try it Out

Volunteering and freelance opportunities are the best way to find out whether a role is suited to you. If you want to work in publishing, then maybe ask your child’s school if you can help edit their newsletters, or if you’re interested in animals, volunteer at a local animal shelter.

This way, you can see the role in action and not just see the benefits on paper. Getting your teeth into a role and being on the job over a period of time can show you how realistic it is to change the career you have, especially if changing your career would mean a big pay cut. Volunteering would help you decide if it was worth it.

Upgrade Your Skills

Improving and updating your skills is a great way to prepare yourself for a new challenging role. You could learn new skills by taking an evening class at a local college, or see what courses are on offer at your current work, such as in house training roles.

This not only helps you improve your skills but looks good on your resume as it shows that you are always willing to develop yourself and are a keen learner. Opportunities that you may want to consider when thinking about changing your career are ones like self-employment, owning a franchise, and returning to studying. These all have their own benefits that help when changing your career.

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If the environment or the restrictive nature of working for someone else is what’s making you want to change careers, then consider being self-employed. By being your own boss, you can work the hours you want and be based wherever you wish, which gives you a lot more freedom.

Although starting out in self-employment can be tricky, as long as you have planned for all eventualities in a business plan, then you can be sure that you will succeed.


If you don’t quite want the ‘out on your own’ responsibility of being self-employed, then the next best thing is becoming a franchise owner. You get to decide what you want to franchise in, where it is going to be and how you can make it a success.

It differs to self-employment as you have a behind the scenes team supporting you with marketing, finances, and operations, meaning that you are not doing it alone. You often have to stump up a large amount of money initially to start the franchise plus you will give a % of your monthly earnings to them.

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Study it

If taking a new role or direction in your career is not something you want to pursue right now as you would rather return to education and study for a new role, then a student-centered online program could be the way forward.

If you have always fancied a complete change in career, or if you have been in a similar field for a while, make sure you choose a career that excites you. Although it is very rewarding, changing direction with study can be hard work.

Those who have a background in engineering, for example, choosing to obtain an online electrical engineering degree in the same subject would be easier to do via the internet. This is because an online degree will fit with your work hours and still give you plenty of time to study which is better than having to either take a sabbatical to study or cutting work hours to do it.

Changing careers can be a very exciting time, as well as a scary one, but the good thing is that there is no pressure to do it. Change when you feel you are ready and when you have a good enough plan in place as the last thing you want is to leave the security of your job and then find you have nothing to move forward with.

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