Scrubbing Stains from Gyprock Plasterboard

So, the gyprock plasterboard you recently installed has got a stain and you have no idea how to get rid of it? Don’t worry, you are at the right place. Here are effective tips to scrub off the stains ruining the interior of your house. Keep reading.

Ensure the stains do not relate to a serious problem

The first thing to check is the cause of the stain. Make sure it is not a result of any serious condition such as a leaking pipe behind the wall. Yes, leaking pipes tend to cause stains in the walls. So, you should address the underlying issue prior to the scrubbing process.

Prefer using ammonia on grease

Is the gyprock plasterboard in your kitchen stained? If so, possibly there is a coating of grease over it. You can use ammonia to cut through the ammonia. If you do not have ammonia, mix some dishwashing liquid with the cleaning solution alternatively.

Try out bleach for moulds

When you see mouldy stains over the gyprock plasterboard, simply use bleach solution for stain removal. Make a mixture of equal amount of bleach and water and apply on the stained area of plasterboard. In case you are not comfortable using bleach, go for white vinegar as an alternative.

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Follow gentle scrubbing

Even a company providing the service of gyprock plasterboard in Karrynyup, suggest gentle scrubbing of the surface. Use a soft sponge for the purpose as an abrasive sponge would damage the gyprock plasterboard. You can also prefer cellulose sponge.

Start from top to bottom

Always start scrubbing from the top towards the bottom. While scrubbing, a grimy residue comes off that runs down the wall. When you move downwards, you get those marks on the way.

Remember rinsing and wringing the sponge while scrubbing

To reduce dripping down the wall, keep rinsing and wringing the sponge frequently as you work on the plasterboard. This will keep the sponge dry and prevent dirty trails down the wall.

Stay prepared for repainting

When you scrub painted plasterboard, you might probably scrub off the paint as well. Better stay prepared to repaint the gyprock plasterboard. Once you are done with the scrubbing job, apply a coating of primer on the area, following which you need to paint the area where the paint has come off. If it is still noticeable, you’ll have to repaint the entire wall.

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