Choosing a Decking Contractor

Are you all set to upgrade you present decking? Is it because the present one is damaged or you just want to have a change? Whatever be the reason, composite decking in Perth has always been the choice of majority of people. But choosing a good contractor is also important to have good decking services. The one you choose should be qualified, experienced and skilled in the field. Having a right person for help saves a lot of frustration and ensures your money is spent for the right purpose. In this blog, we have discussed some tips to make a wise decision while choosing a decking contractor.

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5 Smart Hacks to Choose a Contractor for Composite Decking in Perth

Here are 5 essential ways to follow when you are on a hunt for suitable decking contractor:

Seek suggestions from friends and relatives:

Personal recommendations always help in these cases. Ask people around if anybody knows about a good decking service provider in Perth. Recall if any of your friends has recently got a new deck for outdoor space. Make a few calls before you move on with a choice.

Analyse the suggestions:

When you have noted down some recommendations. Search for them online or call them personally to know more about their facilities. Read their reviews and see if it suits your requirements well. Do not rely on online results completely. Even the reviews published might not disclose reality. Go for a close research before finalising things.

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Conduct telephonic interviews:

Once you have shortlisted a few names based on the information received online. Go for a telephonic interview round. It will help you know things in particular. Ask about their services and discuss about your requirements. Check if they are licensed decking providers.

Have a personal meeting:

Book an appointment with the shortlisted contractor to meet him in person. Ask him to visit your home and inspect the project site. Thus will help you see the contractor’s dedication and seriousness for work and allow him report you if the place fits the skill set. See if you are comfortable with the contractor when meeting in person.

Ask as many questions as you want:

Remember, it is the time you can clear all your doubts regarding the contractor and his efficiency for the job. Ask him all the questions in your mind.




Read on to know some important questions:

  • Does the contractor have a job license or proof of liability insurance?
  • Will you get help with the project design and architectural plan?
  • Does the contractor have all the essential permits to get the work started? Usually, they are familiar with the permit requirements and building codes. However, asking for confirmation is never a bad idea.
  • Is the contractor familiar with the selected building material? It is important to choose a contractor who is familiar with the building material you choose. He/she should be comfortable working with it. It will help avoid any disappointment in the outcome.
  • What is the cost of their composite decking services? This is indeed an essential question to ask your chosen contractor. Asking the cost beforehand enables you set your budget likewise and if the charging amount fits in your budget.
  • What are the payment options/terms? After you ask about the cost and find it suitable to your budget, also ask about their payment options. If they provide installments, what kind of EMIs are available.
  • What kind of team do they have and in what schedule they work? The most essential part of this query is when will they start and stop the work for the day? Who will be supervising at the project site?
  • Will they utilize subcontractors and landscape professionals? If the answer comes in yes, know who will be the subcontractor and which area will they work for?

Now that you know how to choose a suitable contractor for composite decking services, you can ensure you get the best quality service for your home exterior.

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