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Where do you usually order your projects? Sometimes, local companies provide not the best service, but charge really much for it. Are their services worth that? By the way, do you know, that many of developers outsource their jobs to cheaper companies? So, even if you get the quality you expect, you still could have paid much less for the job. What about checking alternatives? Usually, an offshore software development company is the best option, in all regards.

An Offshore Software Development Saves Your Money

If you want a high-quality turnkey solution, check This is a reliable provider that specializes in application and software development. We could say, that this is an offshore software development company which you can trust. Moreover, you are saving money.

And this happens for a couple of reasons:

  • An offshore software development company is usually registered in an area, where taxes and other fees are either reduced or absent. Hence, the expenses are lower.
  • You are outsourcing your projects to a specialist, but you this specialist isn’t your employee. You don’t have to pay the developer a salary. You pay him just for the services provided, for example, for a website.


That’s why, is saving your money. However, this is not the only reason why you should hire an offshore software development company if you want a high-quality product. Most people want not just cheaper services. The services should be of the best quality, especially when it comes to bespoke products.

Does an Offshore Company Provide the Best Result?

Whenever it comes to programming, website development, mobile app testing, creating a custom design or any other highly specialized job, an offshore or nearshore company has all equipment needed for it. For example, applies the most advanced tools and software to deliver the best results. Not every development company or center can afford such technologies.

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While in your case, you might not have all tools. Purchasing expensive equipment and tools just for one project might be inefficient. Most of them are very expensive. A company can afford such tools only if it earns from them. If you are not the case, it is better for you to outsource the job.

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Some people believe, that offshore software development services aren’t the best option because of time difference. Others think, that such a service provider might be not reliable. However, you should remember, that such companies work globally. In most cases, they have a 24/7 support service. Their clients are located in different parts of the world. And, finally, checking reviews in the web and even getting in touch with the clients of such offshore software development company is not a problem.

How to shortlist Offshore Software Development Partner?

Validate Vendor Credentials

Do due diligence on the prospective offshore development partner about their specialization, size of the company, the development team, their previous clientele and in general their goodwill in the market.

Evaluate the Expertise

Evaluate the technical expertise of the vendor. Offshore software development company should have complete understanding of full spectrum software development. If you are specifically looking for web and mobile app development partner, make sure that they support you across the product lifecycle right from consulting, conceptualization, architecture design, frontend and backend development and testing.

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Get Clarity on Development Methodology

Increasingly more companies now want to go to market faster. Therefore you should ensure that youroffshore development partner follows Agile methodology and is aware about Scrum, XP, Kanban and other Agile / RAD frameworks. Agile methodologies have seen widespread adoption in the last few years because of advantages such as iterative development, faster time to market and collaborative development.

Cost Projection

Ask your prospective offshore software development partner for a quotation of the total cost of the project, factoring in costs due to scalability requirements in the future, if any.


Offshore custom software development is now a usual practice. Moreover, this practice is becoming more widespread, due to evident reasons: outsourced products are usually cheaper and better. Do you want to try? Rademade is here to make your experience joyful and productive.

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