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In today’s age, the internet offers solutions for nearly every aspect of life. And most of the times, standards in web development change faster than they can be implemented.

To stay one step ahead, it is crucial to focus on techniques, trends, and approaches that are gaining popularity.

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Here are top web development trends as well as latest web technology stacks worth your attention this 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

As one of the core components of any digital transformation strategy, it is no wonder that AI will continuously explode this year since more and more companies are competing to implement digital transformation strategies.

The AI industry is expected to witness momentous growth. As estimated by Gartner, the AI industry’s total revenue experienced a 70 percent leap increment by the end of 2018 and reaches more than $1.2.

Also, it has been estimated that this year, over 40 percent of world organizations will deploy AI tech in order to enhance customer satisfaction and office productivity.

Motion UI

Users are becoming more inclined to simple, yet interactive and captivating graphics on web pages. Web design services Cape Town and other development companies realize that the decreasing attention span of internet users is calling for more attractive graphics.

Flash-based graphics and static images are downgrading many websites to the back burners of web users, while motion UI is becoming all the rage. This growing preference will drive the popularity of motion UI through the roof in the next few years.

PWAs or Progressive Web Apps

PWA brings together the best of websites, browsers, and mobile apps. PWAs are websites that function almost like a native mobile app.

Most brands that have made the switch from sites to PWAs have achieved significant increments in their user engagements and conversion rates.

Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have dragged blockchain technology into the mainstream. Based on peer-to-peer networks of a computer that stores data using a distributed ledge to make sure that the data is never compromised, blockchain tech is increasing and achieving wider use in different industries— from streamlined management of supply chains to instantaneous authentication of huge transactions.

Blockchain Technology

Latest Web Technology Stack 2019

Front-End Techs

  • Angular

Angular is an MVC or Model-View-Controller framework. There are 3 separate components that enable you to write easy to support and well-structured codes. 3-way data binding is helpful for simple apps since any changes to the model will be quickly implemented to the view and vice versa. But, if you’re working on complex projects, then 1-way data binding should save you resources and time.

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The advantage of this stack is that it uses JavaScript. So, hiring a team of developers should not be an issue.

  • React.js

Angular is usually replaced with React which is a JavaScript library. React beats Angular, thanks to its virtual DOM that enables easier and faster implementation of changes.

But, since React is not a framework and is only a library, it limits core functionality and developers are forced to work with a third-party service.

Moreover, React uses JSX which is a modification of JavaScript that allows seamless component work. So, basic knowledge of JSX is required if you wish to make the most out of React.

  • Vue.js

A younger version of JS framework, Vue.js has shown great popularity growth for the last few years. This is due to the fact that it’s a lightweight solution.

When compared to Angular, Vue offers basic functionality. And when you use third-party services, this functionality is extended. Thus, there is no need to process a redundant line of codes, like what you do in Angular.

Back-End Techs

  • Node.js

This is a crucial component of all the web development stacks mentioned above. And application runtime environment, Node.js is used to build server-side apps.


Working with Node.js needs knowledge of JavaScript which is why it is usually used in stacks.

  • Django

A Python web framework, Django can be used with any frontend framework. This is also a great solution for any type of website because of the number of third-party packages available. Thanks to the rising popularity of Python, Django is a great choice for backend web app designing.

  • Laravel

One of the most popular frameworks of PHP, Laravel works great with Vue.js, React and Angular for web development.

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