3D printing technology works on additive manufacturing techniques to build three dimensional objects. The revolution in 3D printing technology has enabled the creation of three dimensional objects using just a portable machine.

The process of 3D printing takes place using different systems like 3D printer, 3D scanners, etc. first the 3D design is made using a 3D modeling software then this design is sent to the system for printing purposes. This can be done via USB or you can use SD card to print the model. To know more about the basic of 3D printing technology you can read below points:


The color is an important factor to consider for your projects. The overall appearance of your model depends mostly upon the color other than structure. So, choose carefully while printing. Before, creating a design in 3D modeling software search for all available color in the market and decide which one you need and which you don’t for different parts. Check the filament specification and its property change due to temperature or any other factors it’s the features of filament that will affects its color.


The tolerance is the error or allowance you have to consider before building a model. In the solidification process, the material either expanded or compresses and these affects the size of objects. So, the designers have to put extra material to counteract the effects of solidification. Check and know all the specification of object before creating it and add allowances to their dimension. Knowing the tolerance of material will help you to assemble the parts easily and therefore, ensuring enough space between them.


Whether, you are building smaller object or bigger you need to first decide how much size of it. Analyzing the size of object you want to create along with its dimension will assist to make your work easier and simpler. You can read comparison among 3d pens to deeply know about 3d pen size thing. You should consider dividing the model in different small and large parts then examining their dimension individually. Therefore, it will help you to combine them easily. Hence, it is best to break down the project and first review its part on a computer application then build the entire model. This will not only make your work easier but also print the solid object of actual size you need.


These are parts of model that can be print without the need for support. The overhang that support itself is sometime can be big problem. Whether, you are a professional in 3D printing or a beginner, understanding how much overhang you should provide might not easy as it looks.

So, try to know the specification and dimension of overhang to prevent problem in the model because both too much overhangs and too less overhangs are problem in 3D printing.


The creation of bridge in 3D printing is sometimes the most important part of your project. Before printing a bridge, calculate all the properties of materials that will support the structure like bending moment or shearing stress to prevent the breakage of structure. Other than that you can also print the structure upright to prevent pitfall in building a bridge.


Without the support, the model you create might not be able to stand. Sometimes, adding an additional support might be going to solve your problem otherwise, know the filament type and its property change during printing. This will help you to consider the weight and other quantities that you are going to put on the supports. You can also use dissolvable support material to counteract the effects of filaments.


Using polygon design to build your model will give it a simple look in most effective way. The most used polygon model in the 3D confirmation is low polygon due to its easy design. But you can choose any design according to your preference. The best thing about using polygon design is that it allows designer to create objects that are easy to recognize and simple to build.


The Geometry is the basic subject to know before building a model. The knowledge of subject will not only make the building of model easy but also provide you the design of solid object before the actual object is made. You can use any CAD package to build the design using different geometry tools in computer to see how it will look.


The infill helps in supporting the object by keeping it firm and steady. You can change the size as well as density of infill according to your preference. There are also other benefits of using infill like it is convenient and easy to print; it reduces the filament for the project.

The above basic points will surely give you the knowledge you need to understand the 3D printing technology. The 3D printers are transforming how we made objects and now using above points you can understand the basic of 3D printing technology. Have fun creating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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