10 Ways to Make People Fall in Love with Your Instagram

10 Ways to Make People Fall in Love with Your Instagram

In addition to some other social media sites, Instagram has also become a strong means of running a successful online business. It can, in fact, get you a greater number of followers whom you could eventually turn to your potential customers. Here are ten of the sure ways to get more and consistent Instagram followers for successfully running your Instagram page:

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Post it On the Right Time:

Always keep remembering two things prior to posting on Instagram

  • The time zone of your audience
  • The time Most of Your audience is active on Instagram

Considering these two factors, most people see Instagram before going to work and after coming home.     


Conversely posting a picture late night can be unfavorable for most businesses. This is because it may be buried in the feed of your followers after appearing for four hours. To avoid this situation, do most of your posting in the day when probably your audience is having a break from work. Similarly, you can follow this time game like a pro by posting while your audience is traveling. As it’s a common practice that most of the people use their phone and scroll news feed when on a bus or a train.     

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Play Wisely with the Captions:

You can make a sensible use of your caption by writing it as you are questioning your audience. It is, in fact, a fruitful and captivating way of engaging more and more people to answer your question. For instance, if you are offering two flavors in one product post its picture with an engaging caption. It can be an ice-cream with the caption which one is your favorite? Butterscotch or Coconut? This is also an effective way to have more likes as well as comments.    

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Arrange a Contest or a Quiz:

In order to compel your audience to religiously keep on following you on Instagram, host a contest every so often. It gets you more and more and followers who will eagerly take part in that contest you arranged. So, we can say that it’s a highly gainful way of encouraging interaction. Just get a creative idea for hosting a contest to reap maximum benefits. To take part in the contest you can ask your audience to follow these steps:

  • Like your post
  • Tag at least five of their friends
  • Share your post
  • Wait for the lucky draw to win a trip to some alluring site    

Alternatively, you can ask a question and offer some incentive to one or more lucky persons who answered rightly. Regardless of the option you choose, keep remembering that Instagram is more about photos than only written content. Thus, use interesting photos everytime on Instagram when you are up to such kind of activity.

Turn The Heads with Teasers:

Teasers are a productive way to raise the curiosity of your audience with regard to your product or an upcoming launch. Therefore, you can upload photos or make some short videos intended to tease and inform your audience about your upcoming product. For instance, sharing a teaser regarding an upcoming grand sale can drive more and more audience to your Instagram page. They may keep on clinging to your page to know the sale’s date and which products will be on sale etc.  The newly launched interesting feature of maximum bokeh effect lets you capture pictures and videos with an in-depth focus and a blurred background. It can be creatively utilized in the teasers to catch audience attention. Learn here how to obtain maximum bokeh effect?!

Write a Captivating Bio:

It’s also a strategic way to attract more people to your Instagram page. In addition, you can also add a URL to your bio which is a definite way of ensuring greater leads.    

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Good Quality Profile Picture:

Your profile picture should be of very high-quality to draw the attention of a large number of people. Moreover, if your Instagram page is about your business, then use its logo as the profile picture. It is actually a powerful way to spread brand awareness.      

Use Hashtags Sensibly:

Using emojis and hashtags within your bio is another fruitful way to appeal a large number of people on Instagram. Actually, Hashtags are helpful for people to easily and rightly access you on Instagram.  Additionally, using trending hashtags in your posts can also drive more traffic to your Instagram page.

Keep on Posting Consistently:

Consistency is the key to turn your Instagram audience to your big fans. Hence post content at least once in a day.  

Collaborate with Other Brands:

If you are selling pizzas collaborating with a company of a soft drink will be highly favorable for you particularly if that company is a popular one. It will actually benefit both the partners to increase their sales through Instagram.  

  1. Mention Your Product’s Price Too:

Your potential customers always want to know the price of your products. In this way, it becomes easier for them to compare the price with other brands. Also, it allows them to quickly make their mind to spend their money on your products when affordable and feasible. So, don’t forget to mention it with the respective product’s photo.

Abiding by all these ways is undoubtedly going to get you a higher number of followers on Instagram. This will ultimately ensure the long-term success of your business in the long run.   


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