A Smart Choice for the People Who Want to Quit Smoking

Nicotine Delivery System is a type of electronic POD system, or you can call a new electronic vapor device. This is a smart device aimed at giving smokers with a healthier option. It is also useful in helping to minimize the habit.

These devices are very much user-friendly than earlier versions of the POD system that perhaps were a little too large to persuade a mass market appeal. The mini size pod is the most realistic vapor device till date with its small length being the same as a conventional cigarette.

This is closed non-refillable system and quite similar to other available e-cigarettes of the market. This is very much user-friendly and comes with the easy user interface. There are many open pod systems are available in the market that comes with the refill options.



These are the newest addition in the market. Nicotine delivery system is a special kind of device that can give you feel and pleasure like the cigarettes and sometimes emitted the artificial smoke but doesn’t come with a bit of tobacco. You will inhale the vapor of nicotine just the real smoke without any harmful carcinogens found generally in the tobacco smoking. These carcinogens are harmful to the smokers and the people around him as well.

This pod system comes with the visible nicotine cartridge that contains liquid nicotine. As you inhale it, a small battery powered atomizer will drag very little amount of the liquid nicotine into the vapor. Inhaling the vapor of nicotine is much more convenient as it can give the users a pleasurable nicotine hit. It comes with the LED lights that may turn on as you inhale the vapor with it.

This comes in various features and strengths. You can choose one as per your favorite flavor as the pod comes with different flavors. This is specially designed for people who need to quit smoking.

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Here are some facts about the system that you need to know

  • This is a small size device available in different colors also and made of high-quality aluminum, and it is a good quality pod system for the nicotine lovers and interesting option to explore for the smart and modern people.
  • Aluminum alloy is the main metal of the device, and it is 7mm thick and 97mm long. You will get 0.9ml liquid in the Pods and 240 puffs from each pod, but you will not get the chance to refill it. Click and lock system makes it more interesting but the lock works without the magnet.
  • You will be able to see the liquid as there you will get a little window with that you will be able to see liquid. It has 420 mAh good quality batteries.
  • You will get three lights that will blow as you vapor through the device. One light displays whether you are taking the vapor and another shows the battery life. If the three lights are on that means your device has good enough charge and if the light in on that means you need to charge up your device.
  • There are many interest flavors like strawberry, Cubano, chocolate, mint, etc. the taste is a sweet that most people like.  
  • Myle Vapor is the most reasonable pocket-friendly e-nicotine and looks very trendy, sleek and classy in hands. This is a good innovation and right option for the people who want to quit such a harmful habit.  

You will get in within the kit

This ultra-simple device comes with very simple functionality, and in the packet, you will get a USB charger in its own simple but elegant. The charging system of the device is quite reminiscent.

Flavors are really interesting and also the vapor production type is very interesting. It comes with the six hours of its battery life that means you can carry for a small outing. Nicotine e-liquids are a self-based liquid.

Benefits of vapor

  • This pod system contains a taste of tobacco with interesting flavors that mix up with the strong nicotine smells and gives a refreshing pleasure to the user. With the process, they gradually able to quit their deadly habit.
  • There is an atomizer nicotine chamber in the device that can help the users to smoke and hold in a similar way that they do with the real ones.
  • This is certainly a healthier choice as the benefits don’t end there. Due to the fact that nicotine devices do not emit any dangerous toxins and substances, toxins or real smoke for that matter, they are a completely legal choice to vapor even in public places. If you are in the office, restaurants or any other public places, you don’t need to worry to vapor. If your age is above 21, you are completely free to use the device, and there will be no legal issue.
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People became very aware of the fact now that smoking is completely injurious and it can cause many health hazards even cancer. But it is hard for the smokers to leave the habit. Many of the companies are now manufacturing and innovating different items of smoking cessation. The stylish range of Nicotine devices is the new addition in the crew and due to its smart features and excellent usability; many people are now investing their money for the product, an interesting and smart product for the dashing man and confident women.

You can buy the product online at a very reasonable price, but it is recommended to read the reviews first before investing your money for any ENDS device. You can choose the flavor as you want. There are many options that people choose to quit cigarette smoking, but most of them failed to fulfill their mission. This smart device comes with some unique features and does the task better because it comes with easy interfaces. They are small in size, so very easy to carry in the pockets or wallet. This is surely a good choice that you will get at a reasonable price.

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