Using Instagram tools to grow your following

We all want to get a large following on Instagram. While popular people do not have to struggle a lot to achieve this, the rest of us have to put in some efforts. Using Instagram tools can help you grow your following within a short period.

You may be looking to boost your visuals, get a stunning Instagram feed or even come up with better Instagram stories. Tools can help you achieve any of these needs. We will review some of the most useful tools which can increase engagement on your Instagram account and help you get a lot of active followers.

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Getting high-quality photos

This social media platform is unique in that it is all about visual content. For you to get more followers, your photos should be on point. You can make use of photo editing apps to improve the quality of your photos. The apps can help you adjust the brightness, get rid of any blemishes as well as add some nice overlays or filters.


This is a popular photography app that is used by many brands on Instagram. A lot of Instagram influencers rely on VSCO to post good photos on their account.  It allows you to edit the images before posting them. You can play around with different filter options to adjust things like contrast, sharpness, fade or even temperature.


For advanced editing of photos use the snapseed app. This allows you to make a quick edit without affecting the quality of your pictures. It is an easy to use app that does not need any professional skills. Once you have applied your ideal filter using VSCO, get to snapseed and utilize tools such as the brush tool, selective adjust and ambiance to make your photo appear saturated and bright.

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You can include an innovative twist to photos using over. It allows you to add overlaid graphics or text on your photo. It is a creative app that you can use to create unique effects on your photo. Feel free to experiment on different fonts, graphics, color, and size to bring out a gorgeous design. Find the right positioning of the text for your photo to look perfect.

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Coming up with a gorgeous Instagram feed

Coming up with a gorgeous Instagram feed

Your Instagram feed is the first thing that your followers note when they visit your profile. Apart from improving the quality of your photos, you should come up with a beautiful feed to attract a lot of followers.  Use the following apps to achieve this


Later’s Visual Instagram planner

The app gives you a chance to rearrange everything in your feed to make it look presentable. You can also swap some photos to make your Instagram feed look balanced. The app lets you design your feed well to attract followers.  To use, drag your photos on the app and rearrange them to assess how they appear on your feed before posting them.

Use apps to host an Instagram contest

An Instagram contest can also help you get a lot of followers on your account. Though is possible without the use of any apps, using some of the most effective apps creates a significant difference.


Are you thinking of running an Instagram video or photo contest? You need this app to help you set some track submissions, age restrictions as well as select the winner. You need to link the app to your Facebook account for you to get access to the app’s dashboard. It contains useful features that can help you create exciting promotions and offers.


This app supports hashtag contests on the social media platform. You can use it to come up with the landing page where you can include the prizes participants get and also monitor the progress of your contest using analytics. It allows you to see how many people sign up for the contest through its analytics.

Boosting your online presence                                   

You can do this by purchasing automatic likes on Instagram. This can help you expand your business since auto likes influence others to check out your products or services. They also make your brand credible among other competitor brands.


Boosting your online presence

Purchasing auto likes from the website can help you increase visibility for your campaign. Our Instagram service is 100% safe since we don’t share your information with third parties. The site allows you to choose the number of likes you want on each post you make. You then need to select your subscription then make your request. You can check out our Frequently Asked Question for more information regarding how the auto likes service works.

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Improve your Instagram stories

Improve your Instagram stories

Instagram stories let you express your personality to the world. You should create Instagram stories that move a particular target audience. Achieve great Instagram stories with the help of the following tools.


Recording videos to include in your Instagram stories is not easy. The app simplifies things by allowing you to record a long video so that you can export to slice it into clips that run for a maximum of 15 seconds. Feel free to upload the video to your Instagram stories directly from the app. You can also download your video then post it on Instagram stories manually.


This converts your photos into a GIF that plays forward and backward. You can use the app to create them beforehand then upload to your Instagram stories. To use the app, you should click on the record button to connect some photos to create a short animation clip.


Canva is a mobile app that gives you the chance to create beautiful graphics. It is also used to make Instagram stories since it contains precise templates. After downloading the app, go through the library and upload the photo. Include a text overlay or filter then save changes before sharing to your list of Instagram stories.

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Final thoughts

Instagram tools are numerous, and they make the experience fun. They can help you expand your following on the platform and popularize your brand. Implement them today and get ready to increase your sales.

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