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Firstly, Instagram declared the first paid ad platform in 2013 and was made only for the premium businesses. Recently, this platform has become available for public use also.

Instagram elaborates the limitations which were put in 2013 as an opportunity for testing this ad platform before providing it to the audience extensively and provide the new platform as a trial without bringing any risk for the business which would consider this.

Having a community of above 400 million users, it was a good idea. If this ad platform has failed, many businesses would have lost their investment, Instagram performed a great job by preventing this.

An analysis done by Instagram using the Nielsen Brand Effect, firm which helps advertisers and marketers gauge their results, came to a conclusion that the ad platform of Instagram has done 3 times better than the company’s norm for advertising.  

So, without further delay, the following are the things which you must know regarding this new feature.

Types of Instagram ad formats

There are 3 types of Instagram ad formats:

  • photos – They let you tell the story to the audience while including all to action in it
  • Video – The Video ads last up to half a minute and as 60 seconds video is equal to 1.8m words as per the research was done by the Forester, half of the minute is a lot of time for telling the audience what you desire to tell them
  • Carousel – The carousel ads let advertisers for including 4 photos, which later in the rotation by a given order in which users can swipe the pictures as they like.

As Instagram is basically a visual platform, these formats provide a comfortable range of variety for various users and campaigns.

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Get the CTA

Instagram can be the finest place for the visual brands, however, it is deficient of the key feature of online marketing: the conversions. You are not allowed to put a link or a CTA directly on the IG post. This creates few difficulties with the conversions as well as website traffic.

So, what can be done about it? You can put the link in the bio which brings huge traffic to your lead-gathering campaign. Also, you can improve the Instagram marketing with the help of ads. 

The IG ads let you put CTAs directly on each of the three formats offered, which aids in driving traffic directly to the website or campaign. There exists no more requirement of putting links in your bio and encouraging people for checking the bio, which creates more direct engagement.

As an advertiser, you can have 4 different choices of cheapest smm reseller panel to select from the shop now, sign up, install now, and learn more. Each of these will be opened into the page within the browser of the user and will take him/her to the webpage or to the mobile app in the app store.

Another amazing thing which you should know is that you can create the IG ads less aggressive than they are on Facebook. This means that these ads won’t jump onto the user’s face instantly. For instance, you can add the CTA on the last photo of the carousel ad or you can engage users by using the first three photos with CTA.

Analytics back-up

As Facebook got IG 6 years back, these new IG ads gained many things to offer regarding the analytics. There are highly advanced as well as precisely targeted algorithms available on Facebook today and these IG ads are used as the model like those found on Facebook.

Users are targeted not just on the basis of age, location, and sex, but also likes, interests, follows, preferences etc. you get an option of delivering the perfectly crafted ads for the audience which fit in the business best.

Another interesting thing is that the bar set of quality for the ads is very high. This shows that the IG gives priority to the ads which have good engagement with the users, reduce the negative reactions of people, and don’t turn the beloved Instagram into the machine of spam.

The analytics, engagement rates and measurement of the IG ads are also there, as they are on Facebook. Advertisers enjoy an opportunity of understanding what will work for them and what will not, what must be their tactics, what should be the budget limits for the campaign, when is the time to Smm reseller panel and so on.

Facebook served as the mainstream during last few decades, while the Instagram is viewed as the fresh, underutilized platform which has become a prodigious source of the income if used correctly. Facebook gained 5 times the high number of users, yes, however analytics showed that the IG gained 58 times higher engagement for each user than the Facebook.

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