Mothers are the answers to most of the questions of your child. A mother knows her child slightly more than the dads and there are no second thoughts on that. Be it changing the nappy at wee hours of the night or feeding an angry kid – moms generally know the tricks better than the dads. Having said that, fathers also wake up at night for the sick kid & carry out other responsibilities well but deep down somewhere in the mind and heart, you also know that it’s the mothers who are more responsible than the fathers! And the best thing a father can do for their child is to love their mothers. So, inspire and motivate your kids to make this Mother’s Day 2019 a memorable one.


Help your kids in the idea formulation, creating a gift, or planning a surprise. Your wife or the mom to your child would be happier beyond words. Do that because there is nothing more beautiful than the love shared between a child and a mother.

Picnic & Adventure:

Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate and surprise moms. Join the gang of your kids and help them surprise their mom (& your lovely wife). Arrange for all the food, beverages, snacks, desserts, outdoor gaming equipment, etc. a day earlier. Once the day starts, ask your kids to announce the picnic & day out. Play squash, golf, or the favorite sport of your wife. If she enjoys boating, then choose a venue that offers boating facilities. In case, she has never taken a hot air balloon ride, then make sure she enjoys that this year with her kids.

Mother’s Day Special Activities

Home Makeover:

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A home makeover would be a great idea to mull over this Mother’s Day. Take the day off from work without letting your wife know about it. When she is out at work, start the activity with your kids. For this thing, you need to think about how you are going to redefine your home. So, make a list of things that you need to buy like, new curtains, decorative mirror, flowers, candles, etc. Now replace the old things with new ones and before she comes home, decorate the drawing room with balloons and write “Happy Mother’s Day” on the wall. Also, keep small tubs or tumblers of water with floating flower petals and candles. She will be stunned!

Personalized Garden & Flowering Plants:

Depending on your climate and soil type, shortlist a few flowering plants first. Then buy them and get personalized planter pots with the picture of the mother and a cute message on them. In case, your home has a nicely maintained garden, then you can think big too. For example, you can, first of all, collect pebbles from the riverside or from your garden and color them in various hues. Make sure you collect enough pebbles so that you can write a phrase for your mom “Lisa Ray’s Garden Of Love”. Use the wall as a background to glue the colorful pebbles. To make the phrase stand out, you must paint the background wall either white or black. It will be a great surprise for the mom. Moreover, personalized gifts add that special touch of love and care and that’s why they would be remembered for a lifetime. In case, you cannot afford this gift option as your mom stays away from you in the USA, UK, Canada or other countries, then you can simply send a personalised gifts USA to greet her on this day. You will get multiple personalized gift options online like cushions, frames, keychains, mugs, etc. and these online stores generally offers free-shipping to distant locations too.

Picture Vase:

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This is one of the easiest DIY things for mother’s day that you can ask your kid to make. It includes all easily available materials like a mason jar, acrylic paints, contact paper, primer, scissors, and clear spray paint. First of all, cut out a heart shape from the contact paper. Then apply it to the surface of the mason jar. Now, you have to spray the primer on the jar. And now let the primer to dry and then ask your kids to paint it the way they want. Once your kids are done with their colorful streaks on the mason jar, just peel off the contact paper. Now help the kids to trim the photograph of their mom and tape it inside the jar. Put some artificial flowers inside the jar and an exciting surprise is ready!

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