No doubt, women are very much concerned about the health tips of their family. But, when it comes to their health, they do not give much importance to it. Well, it is vital to feeling good at every age, and for that, you have to take care of yourself. Listed below are some simple as well as effective tips that will surely augment your health. Dive in to know them.

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  1. Do exercise daily
  2. Stop dieting
  3. Get your thyroid checked
  4. Manage stress
  5. Drink more water
  6. Go for checkup
  7. Make good friends
  8. Get more sleep
  9. Eat well

Do exercise daily

It is essential to do exercise daily for at least thirty minutes. You can try jogging, walking, bicycling, swimming and other aerobic exercises as they are good for women’s health. Exercise will also help in shedding extra pounds.

There are a mélange of benefits; exercise can offer such as it aids in improving digestion, skin, mental performance, and reduces stroke severity, depression, stress, and cancer risk.

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Stop dieting

This is a kind of practice that most of the women follow, regardless of age. They often get worried about their weight, which makes them embrace dieting.

They skip one meal of the day, especially breakfast and it is not at all good. In fact, by dieting women gain more than they lost and it also increases cravings and overeating.


Get your thyroid checked

It’s been seen that some women do not give much stress on thyroid and they even ignore some common symptoms.

Well, there are several signs of thyroid such as gastrointestinal problem, trembling hands, memory issues, depression, heart palpitations, sudden weight change and thinning of hair. It is always best to go for an extensive thyroid test whenever you notice such symptoms.

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Manage stress

Nobody can run away from the problems as these are the part of life. Getting stressed out at times is obvious, but it should not take up space in your mind forever. You must know that time never remains the same; it will keep on changing.

Worrying too much is not a smart approach. You should instead try to look for ways that can solve your issues. You need not to break your mind even if you are unable to find a solution to your problem. So, you have to manage your stress. You can try meditation, relaxation techniques or whatever that can make you forget your problems.

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Drink more water

It is repeatedly said that drink more water. The reason behind it is, an individual can easily become dehydrated if he or she does not drink an adequate amount of water. This greatly affects the functioning of the body, and hence, it is mandatory to drink at least 12 glasses of water a day.

Drinking enough water will bring wonders to your body, for example, it flushes out toxins, relieves fatigue, boosts the immune system, promotes weight loss, and increases energy.


Go for a checkup

Many women may argue that when they are healthy then why to see a doctor! But, it is crucial to see your doctor every year in order to prevent any disease that may pop up later in life. You might have heard this saying, viz, prevention is better than cure, then why not jot this thing in mind? So, getting complete body checkup is important, and you must not miss it at any cost.

Make good friends

When it comes to making friends, you always have choices. It is always better to make good and blissful friends, and by doing so, you will be helping yourself in a great way. You have to be around caring, loving and supportive people.

An amazing thing that comes into play is, you will feel great when you have good friends, or you surround yourself with nice people.

On the other hand, being with the people who are abusive or unkind, can drastically affect your mental health. So, make sure you share your love with wonderful people in your life.

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Get more sleep

You must sleep for seven to eight hours because sleeping less can have an adverse effect on your health. It can even put you at high risk of psychological as well as heart disease. According to several studies, women need more sleep than men due to many reasons. Some of them are, women have busy schedules, they are wired differently, they do not get enough rest, and they go through more hormonal changes.

Eat well

It is another important thing that you have to follow. Taking nutritious and balanced diet will keep you healthy for years. Also, you must eat fruits, green veggies and drink juice. Healthy eating also slows down the aging process. What else you need!

These are some basics points that women must follow, regardless of her age. Make sure you follow each so as to make your living best and healthy.


By Diksha Yadav

Diksha Yadav is software developer with 4+ year experience in .NET and C#. She is senior developer and team leader in MNC and part-time blogger. She has enjoyed numerous assignments with the Company including automotive testing.

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